The Search and Destroy History of Hillary Clinton

While America and actually the world is witnessing this National Enquirer headline presidential campaign for both Donald and Hillary, the one item that seems to be omitted completely is the Bill Clinton/Sandy Berger theft of documents from the National Archives. In case you need a reminder and a refresher including documents, a sampling is below, that is a compilation of FOIA requests.


Actions of the State Dept in the Name of Diplomacy

Primer: Liberation of Libya

Press Statement

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
October 23, 2011

The United States joins the Libyan people as they celebrate liberation from more than four decades of Qadhafi’s brutal dictatorship. The Libyan revolution was the work of ordinary, brave Libyans who demanded their freedoms and dignity. The United States is proud to have supported them in those efforts and we are committed to their future.

Hillary Revealed Through Hacked Podesta Emails

Nah….she isn’t all that is she? uh huh…..and she for sure has a system to keep her own fingerprints off the trail while her custom designed human firewall does all the work.


Seems the Hillary campaign instigated by Brian Fallon was working to get Trey Gowdy’s emails on the matter of the Benghazi investigation and approached the vice chair of the committee Elijah Cummings.

7 biggest revelations from WikiLeaks release of Podesta emails

WikiLeaks Released More Podesta Emails, Political Media Marriage

It is rather humorous at this point in the process as John Podesta, the Hillary campaign architect says he is not sure any of the releases are authentic. Then Hillary and the government says that the hacks are authentic and Russia is the culprit hacker. Then often, including the second debate, Donald Trump says no one can prove it is Russia and further, there may be no hack. Sigh…all of them are misguiding the American voters with the exception of the Office of Director of National Intelligence, it IS Russia.