From Incubation to Khilafeh

From Incubation to Khilafeh

There is a paragraph in the Declaration of Independence that reads: “In every stage of these oppressions, we have petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may be defined a Tyrant, is unfit to be a ruler of a free people.”
The United States of America is a world power and countless foreign countries and citizens of those countries, many unfriendly to America, rely on us to keep our Republic standing stern. America is the symbol of inspiration for those with less will to compete for natural rights and liberty, and is still the only true beacon left to the oppressed.
America; the day of Reckoning is upon us as it applies to the protections of freedoms that we must defend and guard. From the venue of a bird’s eye view, the scope and number of the battles for patriots is overwhelming. A time, not unlike that swayed our founding Fathers to create this American Experiment.
Our battles now are different, yet the same. They include the over-reach of our own government into private business and personal lives as recently experienced with the Healthcare Reform legislation and the massive spending of our children’s future. Yet another battle includes the invasion of people of unknown quantities and objectives from our northern and southern borders. It is easy to register other such intrusions, yet one that requires high notice and study is the Caliphate, the infiltration of Islamic doctrinists.
The Khilafeh movement; simply translated: is a global movement that has had a rebirth since 1967. One meant to revitalize Islam; where comprehensive governance is taught and accepted throughout the Muslim realm. The incubation period since 1967 is now complete. The Khilafeh now echoes worldwide, and is a force soon to be reckoned with, if not already.
Muslims share many of the very same beliefs within Islam as those of other religions’ values. They include:
• God created the world and all that is in it;
• God established principles from which to live;
• Do not worship other Gods or Icons;
• God will provide the last judgment;
• Fulfilling the Divine command will provide entrance to His eternity.
In some form, no one of faith can dispute these tenets, yet it is the interpretations of these beliefs and the forgiveness of violations that Islam and the Hadith set the stage for a larger argument for independence and freedom. It is the comprehensive submission to governance of the Hadith from which America must declare it independence once again. It is a war we have fought since the days of “the shores of Tripoli”.
America is a Republic which is already flawed as a governmental system, yet it is the best by far of all that has come before it. To consent to yet another submission; to a Caliphate, a set of rulers opposing our natural rights, our Founder’s objectives as written in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are therefore abrogated.
The welcoming of Islam within America is an instinct. One that Muslims will integrate and use as a tool within our culture and adapt to the spirit of the profound text of the Founding documents from which America has thrived. To suggest an additional doctrine and leadership of Islam and their cultural compass of absolute control is completely opposed to our own natural rights and canon.
The Caliphs, the Hadith, and the Koran, are best defined as fluid interpretations and that such interpreters have been preached, taught, and demanded obedience since 1967; or more accurately for fourteen centuries. Frankly, the simple deduction is that the two doctrines cannot co-exist within the American ethos. Islam is anathema to a republic, and therefore, to America.
A large number of foreign/western countries are enduring and attempting to cope with like scenarios and, America is obliged to escort the countless who endorse and wish for equivalent freedoms as our Founders handed to all future American generations, and the world as a whole.
The time is now, to hold back the hordes, as they did many centuries ago, and dismantle the political impediments now in the roadway to continued freedom. It is now, that we must reflect well and hard upon history, to stave off the mindset of those who have not learned from history.

Admiral Mullin, Letter to the Joint Chiefs

6 October 2010

Admiral Michael Mullin
Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
9999 Joint Staff Pentagon
Washington, D.C. 20318-9999

Dear Admiral Mullin:
“Si vis paceum, para bellum”
You can be assured sir; we are a force, recruiting true patriots here in America as hard and fast as we can, to protect and defend our homeland, as is required by the definition of the duty of a citizen. Americans have lost faith in the machinations of government, and in doing so, have found the intestinal fortitude to fulfill that duty and honor that others have neglected once again.
For this reason, no longer can this letter remain unwritten to you as the leader of the military complex, essentially worldwide. It is confounding that the structure within the E-Ring, Pentagon, and inside the beltway allows mandates and encourages the same for such concepts as ‘Courageous Restraint’. America was built on vision and achievement which led to unmeasured success. Today, we have widespread apathy throughout government and throughout the Flag Officer Corps for reasons unknown. One can only surmise, however, those reasons are a carbon copy of those of the Senate, which is to say, it is quid pro quo for a promotion and future military decisions to comply and obey that of the Senate objective, much to the demise of its once great standing.
We are at war on many fronts including here on our own soil and in South America. We clearly know the enemy and their mission. It is defined, yet, the likes of you and your staff, Robert Gates, and Hillary Clinton, support and condone the foot soldier patrolling without an active round in the chamber, leaving that soldier exposed, hence, the enemy, being astute, has broken that code. The Rules of Engagement have been absolutely moved from a written doctrine to a fluid text, all the while diminishing the core objective; to defeat those that fight to defeat us. Anymore, are we not warriors?
Sir, at what precise moment did you pivot, and why? Did you ‘vet’ those in your Foxhole, which includes the likes of Timothy Geithner, John Brennan, and even the agenda of retired General Wesley Clark? Has military advice to the Oval Office been abrogated by an agenda unfit for victory? Has the military acceded from its core objectives because of legal threats emanating from those who have disdain for the soldier?
America and her few allies have been at war with the very same enemy long before 9-11. Have we forgotten that our own history shows us that this current enemy was an enemy of this country from its very inception? How many more Cole bombings or Mumbai events are tolerable without a measured and effective counter response? Over these years, the Joint Chiefs are allowing Robert Gates and the White House to dictate the Rules of Engagement and weaken the might of the military brick by brick for the sake of USAID, MCC, and the UN mission and actually God knows what else. Has your very office acceded to the loss of our own sovereignty in such reports as the 2025 Oval Office Report?
Have your bars and stars faded from glory each time they appear over your heart on your chest? Campaign objectives have been diluted and politicized, and the curses are spread among the agencies to obscure the effectiveness. Above all else, you surely must see that the real story on the ground is a far cry from what the civilians you serve, see. Trust has eroded, information is skewed, and we are civilians in the cold. Where is the loyalty to our Constitution, allegiance to country, unqualified support for the lowest foot-soldier, and Semper Fideles?
Visiting West Point last year and reading ‘The Taking of Hill 610’, reconstituted my resolve for the mercy and well being of our country. One can only pray that you will pivot once again to the side of achieving victory. We need you to stand against the Council of Foreign Relations and their hidden assets, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderbergs, the Aspen Society, and USAID. We need you to speak out publicly against the Ground Zero Mosque, the open door policy of political asylum for Hamas, and the Hezbollah partnership with the Mexican drug cartels. The moment is now to tap Eric Holder on the shoulder and explain how his partnership at Covington and Burling, LLP defending Gitmo detainees has made a mockery of the United States Justice System within our civilian court and military court. The DOJ and Eric Holder is seditious by imposing law from the International Criminal Court on our soil, ignoring our own laws, failing to try those who urgently deserve it, and have turned the time tested foundation of our Constitution of the ‘rule-of-law’, and not of men on its ear.
“Courage is fear holding one second longer”, we are asking you not to blink first any longer.

Denise Simon
CC: file

WGO is set against us; Obama’s Real Speech Before the UN General Assembly

Obama’s speech at the UN Assembly

The time is here and we must set our priorities as nations regarding war and peace for the sake of the cities and the global community. There are no boundaries and Wall Street has defined the economies which blow through the continents and cause hatred. The world is inter-connected and these challenges for the most part are done, we have built a world to focus on the single economy and the new age has started for all nations. The demands through finance will be determined through the G-20 to broaden yet merge against the resistance. But the resistance will expand so we need to continue to plant the effective seeds to draw down the resistance and remove from the transition their partnerships.

Afghanistan is at a breaking level, yet the middle east has the capacity to move towards the objective and pursue the extremists against the one common nation including Russia. For decades, our weapons with the help of the United Nations and treaties including the Non-Proliferation agreement and the objective of Islam have given us the accountability through the UN resolution number 1929. It is clear the international community will combat the resistance and Climate Change objectives at home and inside all economies have the power of support so it is unshakable amidst all we see. The pledge of 2 states living side by side is the demonstrating factor against divided rejectionists that are working to disrupt the gaps. One sovereignty is too great and is made common through blood and symbols.

In a month, the achievements will be known worldwide, it is fast sure, but this seizure requires all to see the thousands reasons for its existence. There will be threats of slaughter and our world will stand in conflict, this is our time, for ourselves to reach our sovereign destiny. There is no recession of our quest. This urgency is our first action on the declaration that all lives even the pragmatic man and child are the touchstone along with all their values and will not be denied through our tyrannical and adversarial quest. The Taliban has and is showing us how to smother the old culture so that stronger shapes to the rotting economies through tapping and bribing and exporting every society will give us the government arc of the all powerful.

South Africa will march with us and promote through the internet the rights and the societies will choose to be among the billions of people that will bind us all together. The G-20 has shown the contrast so now the reform and promise is now the thread and accountability we seek. No one, all will specify and energize the technology base which will be indispensible for our quest. We welcome this time and the elections will invigorate us to the point of violence to appeal to those who oppose us. We are emerging and while there will be silence elsewhere, recall the decades of how Iraq and tyrants have clouded what we are about to achieve as our founding times. Hope and promise for every and all is the proof of a greater world.

After careful study of speech patterns and body language added to the inflection in voice delivery as prescribed by the TOTUS, here was Obama’s real message.

United States Federal Reserve System Introduction

The Introduction in to the United States Banking System

The Federal Reserve Banking System was created in 1913 after three failed tries to have a national bank from which the Federal government would have control and management of currency. After the United States Constitution was ratified, it was clear to the Founders and Signers that the ‘free market’ was to remain free. Sure, there were uncertainties in the financial system due to America taking a stand on its own terms. Private Banks were in existence for national and international banking services. Due to import and export relationships and treaties, currency and trade suffered from major instability.

A monetary panic occurred in 1907 and those in the Federal government decided it was time to address the United States monetary policy once and for all. President Wilson signed legislation in 1913 making the Federal Reserve a hybrid of a private bank system but controlled and governed by Congress. Paul Warburg, a German born banker gathered five other bankers to decide the blueprint for the national and eventual international banking system. Warburg was a staunch supporter of government control and an international governmental system. Many in Congress wanted the Federal Reserve to be a government controlled entity and others in Congress demanded the system be a de-facto private entity. Warburg was closely tied to J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller, both of extreme wealth. The blueprint was drafted such that the Federal Reserve would be a government controlled banking system within the United States. The plan was later presented to Woodrow Wilson to assign Congress to enact legislation.
Later in 1944, allied nations met under the invitation of those in the Federal Reserve to meet in New Hampshire to discuss and model yet another national and international monetary system for the sake of a world trade policy. The objective was to regulate monetary relations, flow of trade and cost fluctuations due to unstable credit fears. The summary of this meeting was to attach the currency to a gold standard for a reserve value on money. At this time, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was also established.
As world markets became more viable and profitable, once again, more fears and strains were realized in the cost of credit and currency exchanges. It was in 1971, the financial system essentially imploded yet once again, and President Nixon took the United States currency off the gold standard. The result of this action was to tie the U.S. currency to a fluctuating value within the world currency market as the new reserve policy. Since that time, there have been fifteen additional Federal laws enacted relating to the Federal Reserve. “The Federal Reserve regularly reports to Congress about its activities and plans for monetary policy. Although Congress has the power to change the laws governing the Fed and its operations, the central bank’s day-to-day policy and operational decisions do not require Congressional or Presidential approval.”
Today, the Federal Reserve has twelve Districts, or regions, throughout the United States. Regional headquarters are located in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Richmond, Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, and San Francisco. Additionally, there are Branches of Reserve Banks in 25 other cities. “National banks chartered by the federal government are, by law, members of the Federal Reserve System. State-chartered banks may choose to become members of the Federal Reserve System if they meet the standards set by the Board of Governors. Each member bank is required to subscribe to stock in its regional Federal Reserve Bank, but holding Federal Reserve stock is not like holding publicly traded stock. Reserve Bank stock cannot be sold, traded, or pledged as collateral for loans. As specified by law, member banks receive a six percent annual dividend on their Federal Reserve Bank stock; member banks also vote for Class A and Class B directors of the Reserve Bank.”
The Federal Reserve through its Board of Governors has established all the monetary policy, all the banking information standards, regulations, payment systems and standardized forms. The Federal Reserve also controls interest rates, exchange rates, public and private and consumer credit laws as well as matters as they relate to securities within the Securities and Exchange Commission.
The Federal Reserve issues stock to member banks yet the Federal Reserve is a not for profit organization. The stock may not be sold or traded for collateral of loans. Dividends are paid to member banks but are limited to six percent per year. Member banks must maintain a uniquely determined monetary reserve in Federal Reserve deposits.
Reported the end of the year for 2009, the Federal Reserve had total deposits of $2.23 trillion dollars, with the largest district Federal Reserve bank being New York with a reserve deposit of $1.14 trillion. Congress requires all cabinet departments to report performance and compliance results but does not require the Federal Reserve to comply with any government performance standards.
The Federal Reserve is responsible for all oversight on the national and international monetary system and through its Board member banks and directors has written and published banking mandates, rules guidelines to ensure compliance.
Bank examiners visit banks of all disciplines on a regular basis to ensure compliance to countless procedures, laws, accounting, human resources, valuations, credit regulations and more. It is difficult to define policy and procedures or even organizational standards within the banking system, as they do exists, but banks cannot function outside the scope of the Federal Reserve, however banking laws and rule continue to change based on Congressional legislation and State legislation. Additionally the banking industry has recently come under fire as a result of another financial system failure, thus many banks received bailout money from the Federal Reserve to keep the system solvent and functional. Two other quasi-banking loan government corporations have affected the private and interstate banking systems due to toxic loans, fiat monetary accounting and foreclosures, those two corporations are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Due to the financial system failure of recent years, all banking and regulatory guidelines and rules have changed for all segments of the national currency system as well as the international monetary system.
The Federal Reserve has and the United States financial system continues to experience instability especially since there is no tangible or steady reserve or standard to support the value of the currency. Since 1913, there has been no real free-market approach to allow a free system to dictate the value and stability of the currency. Congress and each Federal Reserve district office along with member banks have a long history of manipulating the credit markets, the trade system, the interest rates, performance standard and procedures. The United States and the world banks have forged and un-forged relationships in an effort to gain an edge over solving credit and deposit fears.

In summary the Founders had some very stern positions on having a quasi-government controlled banking system. ‘In 1835, President Andrew Jackson declared his disdain for the international bankers: – “You are a den of vipers. I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning.”’
1787: During the federal convention, Roger Sherman made the statement that: “no Government has a right to impose on its subjects any foreign currency to be received in payments as money which is not of intrinsic value: unless such Government will assume and undertake to secure and make good to the possessor of such currency the full value which they oblige him to receive it
“All the perplexities, confusion and distresses in America arise not from defects in the constitution or confederation, nor from want of honor or virtue, as much from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit, and circulation.” – John Adams