Behind the Curtain of the War Stage

Gone are the days of war being fought as depicted in movies like ‘Patton’ or the more recent “Saving Private Ryan’. Occupational forces and ground troops are more likely assigned to patrol duty, holding town councils and passing out candy to children and MRE’s to adults. There is a method used today far removed from historical conflicts, which is to say the current procedure goes as follows:

Intel agencies confab
Dispatch CIA/FBI/Lawyers
Dispatch foreign intel personnel
Compare notes
Choose priorities and targets
Determine mission, success/fail ratio
Determine costs vs. return on investment
Deliver orders for Naval assets to remain close to AO
Confab with foreign intel on who assume assignment parts (NATO)
Get Congressional approval or more recently, side step Congress
Get supplemental war funding or side step and use stash funds or USAID money
Optional UN Resolution approval
Side step War Powers Act
Do not respond to any legislative branch, acquire DoJ cover
Check with International Criminal Court, adjust RoE’s
Determine which is better, ground troops or PMC’s or just payoff the enemy to play nice
Government Elites make personal financial investments in contractors to make some profits on the side. Carlyle Group and Council of Foreign Relations
Call in coordinates for drones or sorties
Check with the Department of Treasury by way of Promis software to determine how much currency can be seized
Create new trade agreements
Funnel currency through 100’s of banks worldwide in nefarious accounts then to the IMF/World Bank/Bank of International Settlements
Embed media and control the message
Draft the associated propaganda with the UNHRC
Determine and deliver the PR campaign
The NSA has the best intel hardware and software in the world by a far measure, yet they have no human resources to process and analyze the data to make predictions, hence January 25 in Cairo and the Arab Spring.
Cyber attacks and Wikileaks are the indicators of the failure of intelligence protections
Who are the pawns? Our dedicated and oath taking people in uniform and the citizens worldwide pay that debt. It is plunder for the sake of Elites. We clearly have enemies worldwide and some very nasty weapons pointed in various directions. The Geospatial system has these pinpointed, so what are we doing? One clear solution is to revisit the Geneva Convention laws as our enemy is not a subscriber. The enemy has found our weaknesses and exploits those limitations. Panetta with his nefarious history is not the point person to do that and frankly, Hillary has broken more than any other Secretary of State in history.

It is time to think out of the box with war strategies as all non-conventional tools must be applied. Political correctness for the sake of the UNHRC and the International Criminal Court is handicapping as is the common solution of monetary payoffs. The leadership of the mid-level military officers must be heard and considered.

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Denise Simon