The Super Bug and What we Face Now

The Super Bug and What We Face Now
We as citizens rely on the media for information that play a part of our everyday lives. This is clearly a mistake and has been proven beyond that which numbers can be applied. In regard to the Super Bug, the warnings are generally provided by some government entity in obscure forms. For this reason, we have drafted a concise summary on the Super Bug.
This illness which is often fatal comes from India. It also has the name NDM-1. Here are some bullet references:
• Researchers are studying the bacteria
• Researchers are studying the antibiotics in trials
• Bug contains a gene that is deemed resistant to all known antibiotics, per the Britain Journal of Medicine
• The CDC has a high priority on NDM-1, yet labs are not releasing samples for testing and exploration.
• Not having other options other than comprehensive antibiotics currently available is a universal problem nationally and globally.
• Professionals in plague sectors of medicine are calling for more R&D on NDM-1.
• No country is taking the lead or is being pro-active on NDM-1.
• This bug has been floating since 2005.
• Starts generally on the skin and goes to pneumonia conditions, the to a blood/bone infection in a matter of days.
• It is an evolving bacteria that manifests in a matter of hours.
• Public health threat to the Unites States is unknown.
• Most infections reported to this date are offshore.
• The gene resides in plasmids that move freely between bacterias.
• International travel with destinations of India, Pakistan, United States and Britain are cause for concern due to importing the gene bacteria.
• Drug manufacturers have little interest in working on higher more effective medications and trials as the government deems the risks low and thus there is little money allocated.
This bug can and is often confused with MRSA. Prisons and locker rooms have seen high incidents of MRSA. It is prudent to ask questions and demand healthcare professionals many questions and ask for tests outside the normal scope if illness remains constant after a few days as it may be relative to the Super Bug.
It is quite important to be aware of an incident that occurred at the Miami International airport less than a month ago. Dr. Thomas Butler, was detained as he was brining in a canister in his luggage that had in fact plague samples. His travel itinerary included: Saudi, London, Miami, Puerto Rico, Dominica and Miami. He was earlier connected in 2003 with shipping plague bacteria to Tanzania. He has previously served time in prison for reporting missing samples that we stolen from Texas Tech. He has taught at Alfaisal University in Riyadh.
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