Do All Boats Rise in a High Tide?

Do All Boats Really Rise in a High Tide?

United States of America….everyone hates this country but still people work hard to get in, why is that?
The United States is a rather young country and it the very reason it was explored and founded was for freedom to maintain and the nurturing liberties granted by a higher power. Since the founding of America, she has become an advanced and civilized land, culture and society. Could this be the reason she is so loved and so hated at the same time?
Having traveled abroad to many foreign lands including communist countries and third world lands, it is quite amazing the perception of America and how it differs from people across the world. The United States is loved and hated for the very same reason, FREEDOM.
This message is for those Americans and for those world-wide, the United States of America is the last hope on earth for Freedom and yet this Freedom is threatened and completely under attack from the Federal government and the United Nations. Both are corrupt beyond what could ever be written here. My research colleagues have found trillions of dollars missing from the United States Treasury and no one cares, can account for it and has bothered to locate it. Why is that? It is by design, it is the plan and this money is funneled through the Export Import Bank, the United Nations, the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund, and the mother of all banks, the Bank of International Settlements.
The world financial crisis was not an accident, this too was by design, just study what ‘fiat money’ is. Please study all the billions and trillions that is funneled through the United Nations and where it does go and does not go.
The biggest charade and scam of them all is ‘Sustainability’ projects through the United Nations.
The United Nations had been resident on the island of Haiti for 20 plus years, so how can the poor people of Haiti be so devastated by an earthquake and the recovery be almost non-existent with all the money ear-marked for Haiti? Yep, corruption.
Take a look at Niger, Africa. Billions have been sent to Niger yet the people of Niger are starving, have no fresh water and their farms are being destroyed for mineral rights and bio-fuel development. Niger by the way has the third largest uranium deposit in the world.
Now let us look at Mexico. It is clear that the entire government of Mexico is corrupt and being taken over by drug cartels. Decent citizens of Mexico are living in absolute fear and beg to come across the border into the United States out of fear. America sends yet more billions to Mexico as well as manufacturing jobs and yet, Mexicans are fleeing.
What made America great and a leader world-wide is being destroyed by government corruption so, America has only recently fallen to position 4 globally for production and financial strength.
America has always been a generous country to those not so fortunate and yet America is being fleeced through government legislation and mandates from the United Nations.
The Elites of the world are destroying people’s lives, culture, religion, health and financial opportunities.
Who are the Global Elite? Take a closer look at those in the United Nations, the banks listed above and then you can use this website too:
Rather than hate America for what she once was, citizens of each country should look deep into their own country and government and be a whistle blower. Once the truth gets out, then all boats can rise in a high tide.

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Denise Simon