A Common Citizen Interviews Obama

Interview by a plain citizen with Barack Obama

All the newspapers around the country and the television networks have new monikers that have become mainstream nicknames. You know what they are: LameStream Media, The All Barack Channel and MSLSD just to name a few. Well just stand still for a moment and vision in your mind landing the interview of your life with yes…..Barack Obama. Are you ready? Are you nervous? Are you prepared? What is the setting? What will you wear? You asked for it and you could get it…..Nah…..oh you could win the Mega Ball lottery too with purchasing just one lottery clinic. What are the odds?

Ok, set all that aside and just get prepared for the interview it could happen, maybe the citizens of America can arrange it. Ok then, start with the questions, and write them down, it could be therapeutic to your psyche. Gotta pencil and paper ready? Here we go and jump in anytime you have something you want to contribute, the more the better.

1. President Obama, were you completely aware of the background and agenda of all the Czars you brought into your administration, with particular respect to John Holdren and Cass Sunstein?
2. We have witness the backroom meetings and deals being made with members of Congress with respect to the Cap and Trade legislation as well as the Healthcare legislation. We also know that your White House has hosted several guests to meet with you and members of your staff. Can you tell us about these covert encounters and why they occur if you endorse them?
3. Mr. President you achieved a law degree and taught Constitutional law at the University of Chicago. In law school, each student is approached by law firms around the country to join the firm, why did you choose not to immediately join a firm, but to return to Chicago and work in the community as an organizer? It is clear you were in need of funds and primed to launch a successful, yet you went another direction, what is your reasoning for that decision?
4. Samantha Power was part of your campaign team and she is admittedly a ‘hater’ of Israel. Why did you select Samantha Power to join your team knowing that the United States has an ally in Israel?
5. Is it your intention during your term to make amendments to our United States Constitution and if so, what amendments are you seeking to make?
6. In your 2010, you have allocated large sums of money for ‘Green’ projects in nine separate cabinets. Given the recent alteration is Climate Change science and admissions of countless scientists, are you restructuring your 2010 budget and why the massive effort in nine separate cabinet departments?
7. Do you think it is arrogant sir that you signed Executive Order #13525 allowing for pay raises to many within your administration when the rest of America will likely not see a raise at all or in fact there are more than 18 million people unemployed? Would you explain why you have not made a salary adjustment going the other direction by reducing salaries to save the burden on the taxpayers?
8. Sir, you have also signed more than one Executive Order with respect to cleaning up fraud and wasteful spending. We citizens are aware of hundreds if not more programs that are best described as unnecessary and wasteful programs. Why are you allowing these to occur and even more asking the American people to accept it as part of functional Washington operations?
9. Please define for us what your exact relationship was or perhaps is with Khaldi Al Monsour and Prince Al Waleed.
10. What kind of relationship do you have with your half sister or any other relatives?
There are thousands of questions we need to ask since vetting of this man in the Oval Office leaves us with still many uncertainties especially some kind of agenda is now unfolding. You are invited to leave your questions here as well. We are gonna work hard to get the interview scheduled. If we fail to get on the president’s calendar, perhaps we can find a back door to enter and for sure we can get close enough to talk to him personally. Otherwise, yep go buy that lottery ticket, your local school needs your dollars.

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Denise Simon