Admiral Mullin, Letter to the Joint Chiefs

6 October 2010

Admiral Michael Mullin
Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
9999 Joint Staff Pentagon
Washington, D.C. 20318-9999

Dear Admiral Mullin:
“Si vis paceum, para bellum”
You can be assured sir; we are a force, recruiting true patriots here in America as hard and fast as we can, to protect and defend our homeland, as is required by the definition of the duty of a citizen. Americans have lost faith in the machinations of government, and in doing so, have found the intestinal fortitude to fulfill that duty and honor that others have neglected once again.
For this reason, no longer can this letter remain unwritten to you as the leader of the military complex, essentially worldwide. It is confounding that the structure within the E-Ring, Pentagon, and inside the beltway allows mandates and encourages the same for such concepts as ‘Courageous Restraint’. America was built on vision and achievement which led to unmeasured success. Today, we have widespread apathy throughout government and throughout the Flag Officer Corps for reasons unknown. One can only surmise, however, those reasons are a carbon copy of those of the Senate, which is to say, it is quid pro quo for a promotion and future military decisions to comply and obey that of the Senate objective, much to the demise of its once great standing.
We are at war on many fronts including here on our own soil and in South America. We clearly know the enemy and their mission. It is defined, yet, the likes of you and your staff, Robert Gates, and Hillary Clinton, support and condone the foot soldier patrolling without an active round in the chamber, leaving that soldier exposed, hence, the enemy, being astute, has broken that code. The Rules of Engagement have been absolutely moved from a written doctrine to a fluid text, all the while diminishing the core objective; to defeat those that fight to defeat us. Anymore, are we not warriors?
Sir, at what precise moment did you pivot, and why? Did you ‘vet’ those in your Foxhole, which includes the likes of Timothy Geithner, John Brennan, and even the agenda of retired General Wesley Clark? Has military advice to the Oval Office been abrogated by an agenda unfit for victory? Has the military acceded from its core objectives because of legal threats emanating from those who have disdain for the soldier?
America and her few allies have been at war with the very same enemy long before 9-11. Have we forgotten that our own history shows us that this current enemy was an enemy of this country from its very inception? How many more Cole bombings or Mumbai events are tolerable without a measured and effective counter response? Over these years, the Joint Chiefs are allowing Robert Gates and the White House to dictate the Rules of Engagement and weaken the might of the military brick by brick for the sake of USAID, MCC, and the UN mission and actually God knows what else. Has your very office acceded to the loss of our own sovereignty in such reports as the 2025 Oval Office Report?
Have your bars and stars faded from glory each time they appear over your heart on your chest? Campaign objectives have been diluted and politicized, and the curses are spread among the agencies to obscure the effectiveness. Above all else, you surely must see that the real story on the ground is a far cry from what the civilians you serve, see. Trust has eroded, information is skewed, and we are civilians in the cold. Where is the loyalty to our Constitution, allegiance to country, unqualified support for the lowest foot-soldier, and Semper Fideles?
Visiting West Point last year and reading ‘The Taking of Hill 610’, reconstituted my resolve for the mercy and well being of our country. One can only pray that you will pivot once again to the side of achieving victory. We need you to stand against the Council of Foreign Relations and their hidden assets, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderbergs, the Aspen Society, and USAID. We need you to speak out publicly against the Ground Zero Mosque, the open door policy of political asylum for Hamas, and the Hezbollah partnership with the Mexican drug cartels. The moment is now to tap Eric Holder on the shoulder and explain how his partnership at Covington and Burling, LLP defending Gitmo detainees has made a mockery of the United States Justice System within our civilian court and military court. The DOJ and Eric Holder is seditious by imposing law from the International Criminal Court on our soil, ignoring our own laws, failing to try those who urgently deserve it, and have turned the time tested foundation of our Constitution of the ‘rule-of-law’, and not of men on its ear.
“Courage is fear holding one second longer”, we are asking you not to blink first any longer.

Denise Simon
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Denise Simon


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