Eric Holder works for the International Criminal Court

Eric Holder works for the International Criminal Court but sits at a Desk at the Department of Justice

The United States of America’s top lawyer, Eric Holder has made it a life-long practice to practice law on the fringe of the U.S. Constitution. Eric Holder has lost all public trust IF the public is paying attention.

Summary for the Events and Motivation of the BP Oil Spill and Clean Energy

Using or depending on foreign oil is at least a forty years old topic going back as far as Richard Nixon and his speeches.
Why the big push to get off of foreign oil? Placing our currency and jobs in foreign lands and governments make them more advanced with respect to wealth. This wealth has a larger definition whether it is in the global marketplace or politically. It also makes other governments much stronger as a world power.
Thirty years ago or longer, emissions became a new buzz word. Discussion of emissions also created a new lobby platform. Emissions come from factories in all industry segments. Emissions not only related to air but also water and soil. Soon the emission discussion became a national concern and thus it became a politically correct dynamic to be a concerned environmentalist and that segment of attitude grew to a major movement.
This movement evolved into votes and money for our politicians who enjoyed their country-club lifestyle and helped them remain in a career of politics. With these career types in DC came legislation and more legislation into revenue streams by taxes, fees and fines all at the hands of environmental lobbies and special interests. Remember the Apollo Alliance, the members and supporters?
The United States is or was a world leader so countries across the globe adopted all the same attitudes and approaches so air, water and soil preservation is now a new industry, Global Warming, Climate Change, Carbon Control and now Clean Energy. The Carbon industry is now born to create wealth of individuals outside the scope and in addition to the scope of government.
Scientists and universities all jumped into the parade because it provided for a groundswell of government and private funding. To further the agenda and add traction to the movement, legislation and mandates were created for alternative fuel sources. Oil was forced to help fund this movement to add credibility by fundamental extortion or blackmail at the hands of government. Oil is taboo!
Oil needed to cooperate and play along to remain on the good side of government to get their permits and approval for refineries, drilling and production just to preserve the industry. Oil is not only about gasoline or diesel; it is about comprehensive industry across our whole economic foundation that includes medicine, agriculture, plastics and so on.
Most conclude that out of oil is carbon emission, so oil and carbon are the target and the culprit to our eventual demise. Carbon credits by the metric ton sell primarily on a market in the European Union called the ETS — the Emissions Trading Scheme. The global market for carbon credits is already bigger than the international trade in grain.
Can we be carbon free and if so how and what does that mean? There are some basic historic and proven facts about carbon. Carbon is 1/1250th of the earth and atmosphere, not really a staggering statistic. Carbon however is second in abundance to oxygen in the human body. Carbon is needed by plants for photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide is the essential component for the natural balance of plant and animal life. It is essential for carbohydrates which is energy and preservation. One volcano produces more carbon dioxide than anything else a human or industry could ever do. Since carbon in all forms is a natural constant and necessary for existence, it is a scam and hoax of unspeakable proportions to even try to control it, contain it, sell it or tax it, but government and investors and forcing it. There is already a carbon fund with 450,000 individual members and more than 1400 corporate members each paying a fee for some part of a carbon footprint. Where does that money go?
To control carbon output is a money-making enterprise. Additionally, to create yet another segment and industry as a segway to alternative clean energy by means of biomass and bio-fuels.

Obama/Napolitano Send SWAT to Oil Spill

A fire erupts and later an explosion occurs on the DeepWater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. The fire continues down the pipe to the sea floor and soon we witness the complete loss and sinking of a floating oil rig platform.  President Obama and Janet Napolitano some days later call for a SWAT team to be dispatched to the rig as this event is a cause for national security.