The Obama Administration, Back to the Future

It is now proven that Obama’s lack of political experience is playing out on a national and international stage. The matters so prevalent for America over the last twenty years remained unresolved; yet are better defined by being locked in minutia.
A handful of unresolved gorillas in our room include:
• Debt
• North Korea
• Border Security
• Healthcare
• Middle East
• Foreign Policy
It is customary for world leaders to establish a personal dialogue with each other given their respective standings on policy and objectives. Invitations are frequently extended for phone calls, dinners and most of all personal visits outside the scope of office formality on more neutral territory.
Protocol Office staffers perform in-depth research to reveal professional and personal traits that allow each leader to understand each diplomat’s characteristics once the outer layers are pulled back. When these protocol staffers fail their duty by lack of direction, mistakes and gaffs are soon uncountable.
It is submitted, this is true with the Obama White House. The fact remains the bi-partisanship will forever remain steadfast in Washington D.C., therefore, the Obama White House will not call on the Old Guard of the Bush Administration to step in as counsel, rather the Older Guard is called up for duty, known from the Clinton Administration. These personnel decisions are not all wrong as stated earlier the same gorillas stay with America year after year. In reality, the machine keeps the same bodes armed with the knowledge of these gorillas, yet the gorillas manifest and we never seem to capture and cage the herd.
It is been noticed and often asked why; the Obama White House continues to reconstitute the Old Guard. Could it be Obama and Hillary Clinton are opening the pathway for Hillary’s run again for the Oval Office, or is Obama hiring the Old Guard under the notion of keep your friends close but your enemies closer?
The Clinton Old Guard and Obama’s new friends include: William Daley (Gennifer Flowers), Rham Emanuel (Monica Lewinsky), Elena Kagan (Clinton’s Associate White House Counsel), Gene Sperling (Clinton’s National Economic Council), and Daniel Tarullo (Clinton’s International Economic Adviser).
Consider, the answer to either question is not essential, but rather the gorillas will multiply, all while other countries and world leaders are diligently capturing and caging their own gorillas as America festers with a capture and release strategy defined and experienced by the Obama White House.
Obama has no inclination to spend a ‘come to know’ weekend with Merkel of Germany, Hu Jintao of China or Dmitry Medvedev of Russia; it is also clear, no invitation has been extended to Obama by others. General Pace has not been invited to Camp David for a weekend of football but General Petraeus did get a ride on Air Force One. An Obama invitation for a weekend of leisure clubbing in Chicago and sailing on Lake Michigan with Nicolas Sarkozy or Silvio Berlusconi is not likely. General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan has made several trips to the United States but he has yet to join the Obama’s at Disneyworld.

WGO is set against us; Obama’s Real Speech Before the UN General Assembly

Obama’s speech at the UN Assembly

The time is here and we must set our priorities as nations regarding war and peace for the sake of the cities and the global community. There are no boundaries and Wall Street has defined the economies which blow through the continents and cause hatred. The world is inter-connected and these challenges for the most part are done, we have built a world to focus on the single economy and the new age has started for all nations. The demands through finance will be determined through the G-20 to broaden yet merge against the resistance. But the resistance will expand so we need to continue to plant the effective seeds to draw down the resistance and remove from the transition their partnerships.