VA Where Bonuses Trump Lives

Update: May 6, 2014 Senators call for the resignation of the head of the Veteran’s Administration Eric Shinseki.


The Veteran’s Administration has a long standing policy that veterans seeking care must be seen by a VA doctor within 14 days. If that timeline cannot be met, then the VA must refer the case to a local private practice doctor. Sadly, too many veterans do not know this and what is worse, the VA administrators don’t bother to explain this to the veterans either. Consequently, death and manifested illnesses expand all without so much as a moments attention by any VA leadership including Eric Shinseki.

Obama’s Big Data is Big Trouble

After the revelations of Wikileaks and Edward Snowden on the previously unknown activities of the NSA, the FBI, the ODNI and more, Americans and foreign leaders have come to understand the far reaching and obscure violations of any expectation of privacy. While countries spy on other countries, little has been preserved when it comes to the common citizen and their expectation of privacy.

Too many outside corporations are in partnership with Big Data that include internet technology companies, telecom companies and law enforcement.

Select Committee, Benghazi

House Speaker John Boehner has pulled the trigger on establishing a Select Committee for the Benghazi attack. The long wait was to establish this committee was due in part to having tangible and proven evidence that pointed inside the White House, which has now been delivered as a result of a law suit granting the delivery of additional emails.

Putin’s Goal Post, Novorossiya

First, hello to the Russian bots and hackers.

Okay, there was Libya and that failed post Qaddafi. Then there was Iraq and that has failed. Then there is Afghanistan and yes that has failed. Then there is the civil war in Syria and that was handed over to Russia to deal with. Then comes Iran’s nuclear program….remember that? Add in the failed peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel, that is over. The White House mandated a pivot to Asia and now John Kerry is pivoting to Sudan. But what about Ukraine/Crimea and the Baltic States?

Tony Blair, More Right than Barack Obama

Tony Blair on the Islamist Threat

by Mark Durie
Frontpage Magazine
May 1, 2014


Tony Blair delivered a major speech on April 23 entitled, “Why the Middle East Matters”. In summary, he argued that the Middle East, far from being a “vast unfathomable mess” is deep in the throes of a multi-faceted struggle between a specific religious ideology on the one hand, and those who want to embrace the modern world on the other. Furthermore, the West, blinded up until now as to the religious nature of the conflict, must take sides: it should support those who stand on the side of open-minded pluralistic societies, and combat those who wish to create intolerant theocracies.