Islamic State in the West

If you don’t think that the Islamic State is not a threat to the West or beyond, then you are not paying attention. ISIS/ISIL/IS has full cross border freedom between Iraq and Syria, the borders are gone.

What is more chilling is this is an army of Islam, not just conventional fighters and they are supported with additional fighters from as many as 81 countries, they are supported financially from factions even considered allies to the West but there are thousands pledging full allegiance to this Islamic army and they could be your neighbor. If you don’t believe that then read on.

3 Branches of Government, Me, Myself and I

Legitimate and validated U.S. citizens ARE the only branch of government that matters. The representatives in the House are our voice, such that Barack Obama has historically proven a deaf ear.

Even today at a presser, Barack Obama called the Tea Party, Speaker Boehner and House Republicans out on not passing a new immigration reform law. Well historically Barack Obama has without question used his pen and phone already to alter the law by either Executive Order or by the use of signing statements. Laws simply are such that the DoJ and White House counsel works to find a method of finesse.

I Had a Dream

I had a dream for what the future would be for America and it vanished as it was transferred by fiat to all non-Americans. There is a full insurgency of aliens pouring into the United States by air, land and sea. They are filling up court rooms, they are filling up schools, they are filling up healthcare facilities, they are filling up applications for every government entitlement program all segments of government offers and the approvals are being rubber-stamped.  Such was not to be for my dream.

Not Flat-footed, Repeat, Not Flat-Flooted

In spite of pulling all U.S. forces out of Iraq in 2011, the United States did leave behind an unknown number of covert intelligence personnel that were tasked to work the ground in Iraq keeping a ear to actions in Iraq and Syria all with the knowledge of Maliki. Not withstanding, the U.S. also maintained a surveillance drone operation in Iraq since the exit of forces.