Predictions for 2012

1. Falkland Islands – Argentina will ratchet up its claims over the islands and Great Britain is not as tough as she was when Margaret Thatcher was in charge. Military will be dispatched.

2. Cyber Attacks – Ever increasing, and Anonymous, China and others will ravage our networks.

3. South China Sea – Continuous chatter over the increase in China’s naval capabilities, coupled with the constant issues over the South China Sea and its islands will erupt in at least a few shooting incidents with its neighbors, and only the presence of the US 7th Fleet will keep China from escalating the incidents into war with Viet Na m , the Philippines, Taiwan and Malaysia.

4. Iraq’s Future – Iraq will turn into a civil war, and Iran intercede on behalf of the Shiites as Sunni uprisings, already underway will divide the nation as predicted so many times in the past.

5. The Kurdish Question – As Syria and Iraq implode, Turkey will invade both countries, ostensibly to quell the Kurds and Armenians again.

6. Obama Care – The SCOTUS will strike down the entire bill

7. Southern Border- Civil war in Mexico is what it really is now, and the Cartels will overthrow even Mexico City. The USA will have to intercede a few miles over the border to secure the border as millions now flee the Civil War. United States will join Mexican military in key areas.

8. Epidemics – New diseases, especially more virulent forms of the bird flu recently created/discovered will ravage vast populations.

9. US Economy – Unemployment will rise precipitously as the Euro fails, the Wall Street balloons burst due to public outrage, and a new Congress in November. Housing values will continue to fall and banks with little capitalization will shutter.

10. Euro Zone – Greece, Italy, and Spain will implode despite all the backing of the other countries including the USA. The Euro Zone will disintegrate with Germany leading the way out. This will set the banking system on fire and many banks will fail, there and in the USA. Turkey will make a hard move to join the EU.

11. Congress – The Republicans will once again control both houses, and this time it will be by wide margins in the House and narrow in the Senate. Pelosi and Reid will go ballistic and foment street riots with rhetoric because the new Congress will determine the outcome of the Presidential Election. Both will lose the battle and resign if they have not already after SCOTUS rules Obama Care as unconstitutional. There will be a handful of others that will announce their retirement from DC as re-districting forces their hand.

12. Presidential Elections – The most expensive, vile, vicious campaign in our history will cause riots in the streets, especially after Obama loses. There will be race riots and blood in the streets as allegations of fraud emerge from all quarters. This will be a seminal moment in US history and it may be the new Congress that decides the outcome.

13. Hugo Chavez will die and his handpicked successor will be even more brutal with Iranian influence and will establish what Chavez could not, a complete takeover of all facets of Venezuela.

14. Syria – Will slowly divide into three zones, Sunni majorities will control Damascus and the south and west, the Alewites will be ousted and break away in the north with Alleppo as its capital, and the Kurds in the northwest will be embattled in a war with Turkey. The result, three sections of what was once an ally to Iran. Iran will maintain cover for the Alewites in the north east section.

15. Egypt – Will fall to the dark forces of Islamization of the region and will cancel all pacts with Israel. As tensions rise in Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood will foment strife in Gaza, and if Hezbollah unleashes its fury from Lebanon, it will pester Israel in the south in a very bloody manner.

16. Iran – Will close the Straits of Hormuz, at least temporarily at some point to test the meddle of the West, especially the weak and diverted attention Obama will spend on a vicious Presidential Campaign. The UN will do nothing, and China and Russia will fill the power vacuum exited by the USA. This will result in the test of a nuclear device by the end of summer. All this is a result of the 12er beliefs of its leadership to create the chaos it predicts will precede the coming of the 12th Caliph.

17. Lebanon – As Syria devolves into civil war, Hezbollah will help the Assad establish his realm in the smaller north east zone of Syria. In the process, to keep Israel out of Syria, Iran will instruct it to launch a massive campaign deep into the heart of Israel. Lebanon will fall into another civil war between old rivalries and new interesting bedfellows. Hezbollah will be hurt very badly and may even lose its strangle hold over the current government as Syria wanes away.

18. Israel – The third Intifadah will erupt as Syria fractures, Hezbollah launches its deadly missiles, rockets and WMD. There will be war in Israel, internally, from Gaza, on the West Bank, and in the North. Nuclear device may emerge if WMD held by Hezbollah, and/or, Iran goes nuclear capable.

19. Vladimir Putin will become President again but will be ousted or assassinated as the country boils over election fraud.

20. North Korea’s newest Kim Jung (Un), seeing all the turmoil globally will feel the need to flex his muscles to secure his position and will open slavos on its Southern neighbor, and maybe even Japan. Not a total war, but certainly one the will allow other wars to rage as the focus shifts almost daily across the globe.

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Denise Simon