Is our Only Option Nation Re-Building?

Nation Building from Within

We don’t need to go back too many years in our history to list the wars for which our troops not only fought but were also challenged with various types of nation building in areas where a democratic government and society had never previously been. The current or most recent is Iraq and for the past eight years America has been constant in the attempt to install a new system of government in Iraq that would model that of America.
It soon became clear, that mission was much more difficult as ‘democracy’ was a virtual unknown in Iraq. The Iraqi people had no concept of what America was fighting to install as it was a cultural conflict on many fronts. The United States government and military forces were not aware of how to educate and prepare Iraqi people for the democratic model. Thus the war and occupation was much more complicated simply as a result of attempting to retool a society, government and culture.
Let us know turn back to our homeland. What are Americans facing today? I submit much the same thing, we are facing a re-tooling of our way of life under the Obama administration, taking America away from a Republic and moving her to some other form of government never before tried or invoked on this soil. Is it Fascism, Marxism, Communism or some hybrid model? Perhaps, just ask anyone that defected from those types of countries that came here to escape that life and they will tell you they see it happening to America right now.
America is being forced to rebuild as a nation from the ground up under the current administration. This rebuilding involves every person in America and our entire infrastructure and government. As a country with more than 300 million people, there will be those that will accept and encourage this ‘change’ but there are more that are not only questioning what is going on but are fighting to undo the present damage to our system and way of life but fighting on yet another front to keep the Constitutional system and restore the Republic which is both our last hope to protect generations to come.
In the Middle East, our military is fighting insurgents, Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, Al-Qaeda and more. These groups have a mission to take over countries and people for the sake of a radical Islamic system. Here at home, we have much the same war but this fight is to defend our Constitutional way of life and stop another type of nation-building.
Our rights as a person come from Natural Law, which IS what ‘inalienable rights’ means. Yet our government systematically has interfered and legislated laws to become the new ‘Rights’ provider. Many have subscribed to this type of government through educational indoctrination and forced allegiance and will forever be loyal to this concept. Some number people of this nation are living by and embracing this as a cultural existence and mandate. Yet there are others that are sitting in the middle from the other side not knowing how to decide or live based on what the government has forced us to do as citizens. The rest are those that are working diligently to return to what the Founders put in place and it is actually those who are the protectors of the Founders convictions that must be doing the nation building to bring back the United States of America as she was born to be. In summary, we MUST both Re-Found America and Restore her.

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Denise Simon


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