Eric Holder works for the International Criminal Court

Eric Holder works for the International Criminal Court but sits at a Desk at the Department of Justice

The United States of America’s top lawyer, Eric Holder has made it a life-long practice to practice law on the fringe of the U.S. Constitution. Eric Holder has lost all public trust IF the public is paying attention.

Let’s review Eric Holder’s background, below are some facts:
• Senior advisor to Senator Obama during the presidential campaign
• Member of Obama’s commission for Vice-President selection
• Member of the NAACP Legal and Educational Defense Fund
• Lawyer at the U.S. Justice Department in the Public Integrity Section
• Opposes the Death Penalty
• Advised Bill Clinton, President on the last minute pardons, when leaving office. There were 177 pardons of which Marc Rich was on the list. Rich had 65 criminal counts of tax evasion.
• Advised Clinton in the decision to reduce the criminal sentences of 16 members of the Boricua Popular Army, a group on the FBI Terror list.
• While working at Covington and Burling, Holder represented the Gitmo detainees and thus has still yet to recues himself on the current 9-11 conspirator’s case. Holder maintains the position that Gitmo detainees do NOT fall under the Geneva Convention.
• Worked with Janet Reno to urge the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the Washington D.C. hand-gun ban
• Argued that the Second Amendment does not allow the individual the right to keep and bear arms.
• Dismissed charges against Senator Ted Steven’s corruption charges
• Took 5 of the 9-11 conspirators out of the military commission and placed them into the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York for trial.
• Made a judgment on the Arizona Immigration Law as leading to ‘racial profiling’ without having read the law.
• Has filed a lawsuit against the State of Arizona claiming their new law interferes with Federal immigration law and enforcement procedures.
• Dropped all charges against the Voter Intimidation case against the New Black Panthers Party.
• Ordered the Department of Justice not to release sealed transcripts to the Swiss Government in the case of Roman Polanski. The Swiss government had no choice not to allow extradition of Polanski for the rape case. This decision was a favor to Holder’s close friend, Reid Weingarten, the lawyer representing Polanksi.
• Holds the position that ‘Sanctuary Cities’ for illegals are safe from Federal law prosecution on illegal immigration.
Covington and Burling has a deep history that is contrary to the protections of the United States. Michelle Malkin lays it our quite nicely at her website and in her book Culture of Corruption.

The bottom line is this on Holder, he works for the International Criminal Court and not the United States Department of Justice.
He practices ‘junk law’ and it is never in the best interest of the American spirit, it is completely contrary to the Founders’ objectives.
Think clearly, the real message that Eric Holder was delivering with his Department of Justice on the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case was this:
1. He has no intentions of prosecuting any case in the best interest of upholding the integrity of his office.
2. Giving a pass to the NBPP and the voter intimidation case was essentially telling the Nation of Islam to do as they please; he gave them a free ride.
3. Americans are now becoming much smarter and closer in lock step with DC corruption; he is not going to take any case that is a slam dunk. He expects more corruption and he essentially told us, ‘too bad’.
4. This decision also told us that voting in the mid-term elections may be a very intimidating experience getting to the polls and the vote results.
With regard to the Arizona law, Holder is telling us that he will aid any person from any country coming into our country and we will look the other way.

In the end, just what case IS Holder going to prosecute? Frankly, there are no cases on the horizon.

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