Healthcare Provider Lawsuits v. Feds Begin

Blue Cross insurer sues U.S. for funds owed under health care law

BusinessInsurance: Highmark Inc. and its subsidiaries have sued the federal government for failing to pay funds the insurers say they are owed through one of the Affordable Care Act’s public health insurance exchange safety net programs.

Pittsburgh-based Highmark, the fourth-largest Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurer, is demanding $222.9 million, which it argues it is owed through the ACA risk corridor program for 2014 losses, according to the lawsuit filed Tuesday in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington.

House Republicans Win Obamacare Lawsuit

Today, when reporters questioned Josh Earnest about the Obamacare lawsuit loss to the House, his response: “They’ve been losing for 6 years and they’ll lose it again”. The judge ordered a ‘stay’ on the money.

FNC: A federal judge ruled Thursday for House Republicans in a challenge brought against the Obama administration over the legality of certain spending under ObamaCare.

U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer ruled the spending unconstitutional — while putting the decision on hold pending appeal.

United Healthcare Bails on Obamacare

Nancy Pelosi, call holding on line 3.  There are other healthcare providers that are likely to bow out of Obamacare in 2017.

UnitedHealth pulls back on ObamaCare exchanges amid huge losses

FNC: The nation’s largest health insurer, fearing massive financial losses, announced Tuesday that it plans to pull back from ObamaCare in a big way and cut its participation in the program’s insurance exchanges to just a handful of states next year – in the latest sign of instability in the marketplace under the law.

Cyber Intrusions, National Security Threat to Visa System

Primer: Listing a few demonstrating how vulnerable all segments of government, personal databases and corporations have forced lower standards of national security protections. Now with the threat to the State Department U.S. Visa system, terrorists and spies may exploit software security gaps. Anyone fixing this anywhere?

Cyber attack on Office of Personnel Management

Cyber attack of Obamacare

Cyber attack on hospital systems

Cyber attack on law firms