Benghazi, It is the Lawyers Stupid…

Every government agency has more lawyers than common sense, meaning they are called upon to drum up legal advise to either not do something or to do it and in the case of a military response to the attacks in Benghazi, a boat load of various lawyers were called upon. Let’s go deeper.

North Korea Nuclear Program is Real

No one really wants to admit the effectiveness and reality of the North Korea nuclear program but it is real. The real objective of the global leaders is to determine what is next. Global Hawks, eyes in the sky along with Geo-Spatial systems are taking pictures for sure, but analyzing the scope of the North Korean objectives continues to pose future estimates and targets as well as timelines.

Iran, the Pivot Away

Nothing has changed in Iran, except Rouhani is now wealthier given the suspension by the United States of key sanctions. Iran is as strong today globally as it ever was. Europe is considering stronger sanctions and Iran is working diligently to get more sanctions lifted to buy at least 400 aircraft.

Just keep in mind that the Obama White House has been negotiating with Iran and using several mediators, but even more disturbing is what is below. We are earnestly working with a state sponsor of terror.

There are CIA political hacks and then the Others

I have nothing to add to this one except to say, there once was a time when the oath and sense of duty meant something.

The CIA that saved Dick Holm

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida, May 2, 2014 – Benghazi showed  us a difficult truth. Once upon a time, the CIA left no man behind. The Agency  took care of its own, even in the face of disapproval from the public or from  other government organizations. Right or wrong, the Agency did everything it  could to protect its employees.

VA Where Bonuses Trump Lives

Update: May 6, 2014 Senators call for the resignation of the head of the Veteran’s Administration Eric Shinseki.


The Veteran’s Administration has a long standing policy that veterans seeking care must be seen by a VA doctor within 14 days. If that timeline cannot be met, then the VA must refer the case to a local private practice doctor. Sadly, too many veterans do not know this and what is worse, the VA administrators don’t bother to explain this to the veterans either. Consequently, death and manifested illnesses expand all without so much as a moments attention by any VA leadership including Eric Shinseki.