Is our Only Option Nation Re-Building?

Nation Building from Within

We don’t need to go back too many years in our history to list the wars for which our troops not only fought but were also challenged with various types of nation building in areas where a democratic government and society had never previously been. The current or most recent is Iraq and for the past eight years America has been constant in the attempt to install a new system of government in Iraq that would model that of America.
It soon became clear, that mission was much more difficult as ‘democracy’ was a virtual unknown in Iraq. The Iraqi people had no concept of what America was fighting to install as it was a cultural conflict on many fronts. The United States government and military forces were not aware of how to educate and prepare Iraqi people for the democratic model. Thus the war and occupation was much more complicated simply as a result of attempting to retool a society, government and culture.
Let us know turn back to our homeland. What are Americans facing today? I submit much the same thing, we are facing a re-tooling of our way of life under the Obama administration, taking America away from a Republic and moving her to some other form of government never before tried or invoked on this soil. Is it Fascism, Marxism, Communism or some hybrid model? Perhaps, just ask anyone that defected from those types of countries that came here to escape that life and they will tell you they see it happening to America right now.
America is being forced to rebuild as a nation from the ground up under the current administration. This rebuilding involves every person in America and our entire infrastructure and government. As a country with more than 300 million people, there will be those that will accept and encourage this ‘change’ but there are more that are not only questioning what is going on but are fighting to undo the present damage to our system and way of life but fighting on yet another front to keep the Constitutional system and restore the Republic which is both our last hope to protect generations to come.
In the Middle East, our military is fighting insurgents, Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, Al-Qaeda and more. These groups have a mission to take over countries and people for the sake of a radical Islamic system. Here at home, we have much the same war but this fight is to defend our Constitutional way of life and stop another type of nation-building.
Our rights as a person come from Natural Law, which IS what ‘inalienable rights’ means. Yet our government systematically has interfered and legislated laws to become the new ‘Rights’ provider. Many have subscribed to this type of government through educational indoctrination and forced allegiance and will forever be loyal to this concept. Some number people of this nation are living by and embracing this as a cultural existence and mandate. Yet there are others that are sitting in the middle from the other side not knowing how to decide or live based on what the government has forced us to do as citizens. The rest are those that are working diligently to return to what the Founders put in place and it is actually those who are the protectors of the Founders convictions that must be doing the nation building to bring back the United States of America as she was born to be. In summary, we MUST both Re-Found America and Restore her.

We Never Stop Learning, We Are Here to Learn

There is an old adage, ‘Knowledge is Power’ and as we get older, it is important to continue that learning process. Being informed and current on events and knowing history gives one the fundamentals of confidence, self respect and most of all a sense of accomplishment.
Is it possible you can read a book a month? Of course it is possible and the reading list below will continue to give Patriots and conservative citizens a great start to your library.
The Road to Serfdom
Atlas Shrugged
Liberty and Tyranny
Somebody’s Gotta Say It
The 5000 Year Leap
Constitutional Chaos
The Manchurian President
John Adams
The Moral Compass
The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution
The most important book of all is the Bible. Everyone needs many moments in their lives to stay grounded and for encouragement. Read and learn, it is a personal spring board to where life will take you.

Do You Have Time to Do Your Duty as a Citizen?

Let us start out with this link:
The United States is in turmoil and has been for countless years. The turmoil stems from several key issues those being the breakdown of the family unit, taking our attention away from what the Federal Government does without a peep from citizens and living lives on credit. Sure there are more issues that have led to turmoil, least of which is education.
So what are the solutions to curing what ails America? Engagement …..pure and simple. We can no longer leave matters to others to resolve. If you don’t like what is life has become, you have no one to blame but yourself.
Have you done the following in the last 5 years?
• Vetted candidates and voted for the best representation for local, national and international action?
• Have you contacted your representative in Congress or the Senate?
• Have you learned about the limitless power of those in Washington DC?
• Do you know the key names of people in Washington DC and what their backgrounds are?
• Rather than donating money, have you donated time to physically see how things work or don’t work?
• Have you chosen one or more subjects and researched that subject to learn more?
• Do you turn off the television and have real quality time with family members or friends?
• Have you visited a school to see what is actually being taught and how students and teachers behave in the classroom?
• Are you aware of laws and legislation that is outside the scope of limits on the U.S. Constitution?
• What do you know about international events?
• Do you trust or rely on the news you read or hear? Have you verified all the events?
• Have you joined and participated in an organization that benefits our society?
• Have you visited a church to hear and understand a message?
These are just a few items that should guide you in what is best to keep you informed and active. Here are a few links that should help you get started if you are lacking in direction or focus:
• What is Agenda 21?
• Can you describe what Operation Stillpoint is?
• Can you name just one Presidential Czar and define their background and agenda?
• Take a look at to understand grass-roots activities.
• Join a PTA, The 9.12 Project, get on the email list for
You have a duty as a citizen to devote some real time to the world around you, to get involved, get engaged.
I will end this text with this link. It is full of quotes from our Founders. It is a condensed summary of inspiration.

Climate Change, Charge and Colletion

Climate Change, Charge and Collection

First we had Cap and Trade Bill, that did not go well except in the House of Representatives. It is stalled in the Senate. What to do now? Hey name it something else, it is now the American Power Act. Whatever it is called, it is the last nail in the coffin of the American Energy infrastructure and the entire United States financial system.

We have found however, this American Power Act is already going on in America and too many are just not engaged in the world around you and that of Washington D.C. to know the difference. Okay, this is summary to get up to speed. Then you need to engage and not only speak out but make sure you are heard nationwide.

Minerals Management Services, established in 1982, had a charter to collect royalties from all mineral mining in the United States for the sake of using those funds to conserve and protect the environment. Royalties quickly become a major revenue source for the agency and those funds were deposited into the Federal Reserve. MMS quickly became a corrupt government agency and played the typical back-scratching game in the oil industry. It has now been taken over by Michael Bromwich. So why would a guy from the Department of Justice even begin to have the qualifications to run such a department as Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement (BOEMRE)?

Here is an astonishing fact: The revenue from the oil and gas royalties paid by the industry is second in dollar value to taxes paid to the Internal Revenue Service. Wow For onshore federal drilling leases, the Minerals Lands Leasing Act prescribes the share or royalty rate as 1/8 the value of production; for offshore leases, the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act prescribes the royalty rate as 1/6 the value of production. ‘According to the MMS, annual revenues from federal onshore and offshore (OCS) mineral leases are one of the federal government’s largest sources of non-tax income. In 2000, the MMS collected $5 billion in oil and gas royalties. The bulk of this ($4 billion) came from offshore production, with natural gas production generating 60 percent of the royalty revenue. For federal onshore lands, gas production generated over 70 percent of the almost $1 billion in royalties. The MMS also collected over $1 billion in bonus bids and rental payments to bring the total federal revenue collected by MMS from oil and gas leasing to approximately $6.3 billion. In addition, Indian lands, separate from federal onshore lands, generated about $200 million in revenues for Indian tribes. Please see the

Oil and Everyday Life

Oil is used in many everyday objects – more than you may have ever imagined. Click on any colorized object below to learn a little bit about how oil may have been used to create it.

Gasoline: Gasoline helps power the American dream, giving us the freedom to travel where we want and when we want — for work, for school or for recreation. A steady supply of clean-burning gasoline is central to our nation’s economy.

Diesel: Seventy percent of the nation’s goods are transported in diesel-powered vehicles, helping to make it America’s primary commercial fuel.

Natural gas: Many Americans rely on safe, efficient and clean burning natural gas to heat and cool their homes. Natural fuels many manufacturing and electricity generation plants, and is a key ingredient in products that we use every day.

Heating Oil: 8.5 million American households, mostly in the Northeastern states, rely on heating oil to keep warm in winter. Many households buy Affordable Home Heating Oil to keep their home warm.

Emerging Energy Technologies: To help meet projected U.S. energy demand growth, the oil and gas companies invested $121.3 billion from 2000 through 2007 on emerging energy technologies in the North American Market.

Ok, it is now clear that our way of life must be powered by oil. Can we make adjustments to our way of life? Sure we can, but understand it is not practical and realistic to change it all. Yet that is just what the Federal Government/ EPA/ DOE/ DOI/ Congress and the President are trying to do. What will take the place of oil? Well algae as part of a bio-fuels agenda.

The bio-fuels agenda is already going on in the background and you have not even noticed. But is it real and is it practical? Not hardly. Is there government corruption? Yes. Is there private corruption? Yes. Is the science flawed? Too early to tell, but, bio-fuels can never replace the volume of consumption of oil.

Below is a map of some popular corrupt connections of distinctions of including the self-avowed communist Van Jones.

Ok, so where does the Federal Government fit in? The government is now in the business of being in business by providing grants and loans. The government is also mandating departments and passing legislation. Click the link below to see a short EPA list of grant funding.

This next link describes how small firms are seizing free money for bio-fuel technologies.

Here is another link among thousands on the net speaking to the agenda.


But algae?


Do we have an example of how big the funding really is and where? Yes, glad you asked.

EPA to Offer $10 Million in Grants to Protect Puget Sound
By Laura Kaliebe
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced <> yesterday that it is accepting project proposals for $10 million in grants targeted specifically to protect and restore Puget Sound watersheds.
Tribes, local governments and “special purpose districts” are eligible for this round of funding. Proposals <> must be submitted by Jan. 5, 2010.
According to Michelle Pirzadeh, acting EPA regional administrator in Seattle, this funding will help local tribes and government agencies turn their plans into action.
More at
10/28 Seattle Times
Corps maps show Green River flooding scenarios
By Craig Welch
Seattle Times environment reporter
Inundation maps that show how the Green River might flood communities from Auburn to Tukwila under four scenarios have been posted on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Web site.
The maps show how the lower stretch of the river might respond if floodwaters were to reach stages ranging from 13,900 cubic feet per second to a worst-case-scenario 25,000 cfs. Those are the ranges of possibility that have generally been identified by the Corps if it ends up releasing water this winter to avoid stressing the troubled Howard Hanson Dam.
The heaviest-hit stretches in each case are just southeast of Auburn and immediately west of Highway 167 between Auburn and Kent, which could be under three to 10 feet of water even with the more minor flooding. At 25,000 cfs., a two- to four-mile wide swath of the entire valley, from Auburn to Tukwila, could be deluged.

More at
Maps at
See also 10/28 Tacoma News Tribune
Flood pros set strategy for Green, White rivers
Listen 10/27 KPLU-FM
Howard Hanson Dam Update

10/27 Northwest News Network
Coastal Algae Bloom: “It’s Like An Oil Spill, Without the Oil”
Tom Banse
It’s like an oil spill, but without the oil. That’s how wildlife rescue people are describing an unusual red tide along the Northwest coast. The algal bloom is causing hundreds upon hundreds of dead or dying seabirds to wash up on coastal beaches. Today, the deluge of distress shows signs of tapering off.
Listen at’It’s.Like.An.Oil.Spill..Without.the.Oil

See also 10/28 Everett Herald
PAWS rescuers scramble to save seabirds covered in algae
10/26 Associated Press
US reps worry ocean policy will block development
Associated Press Writer
Dozens of U.S. representatives sent a letter Monday to the head of the President’s Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force with concerns that the policy will block offshore energy development and cost jobs to Americans.
Sixty-nine House members, including Alaska Rep. Don Young, signed the letter in which they responded to the task force’s interim report released last month.
The task force is working on a national policy for governance of the country’s oceans, coasts and Great Lakes. Two dozen senior policy members from numerous agencies are working on the national policy.

Washington Rep. Doc Hastings, the ranking Republican member of the House Natural Resources Committee, said it is important that the task force recognizes multiple uses of the nation’s oceans, from fishing to energy development to recreation.

Ok, so there really is a Federal Agenda being played out before us on algae? Yes, and it is land and water based. This link is a short defined presentation.

Is the oil and gas industry opposed to the bio-fuels agenda? Yes and no. The oil and gas industry wants to explore the science and is willing to do that but not at the cost of complete elimination of oil and gas or nationalizing the industry which appears to be the next play from the Obama administration. Could it be that the Feds and lobbyists are demanding oil and gas to play a role in bio-fuels? Yes, pay up or it is likely that a drilling permit or license for a refinery will not be forthcoming. Demanding that oil and gas participate in bio-fuels gives credibility to the science and technology of bio-fuels as the final solution to elimination of fossil fuels. Pay up and shut up.

More to come soon.

Eric Holder works for the International Criminal Court

Eric Holder works for the International Criminal Court but sits at a Desk at the Department of Justice

The United States of America’s top lawyer, Eric Holder has made it a life-long practice to practice law on the fringe of the U.S. Constitution. Eric Holder has lost all public trust IF the public is paying attention.

Let’s review Eric Holder’s background, below are some facts:
• Senior advisor to Senator Obama during the presidential campaign
• Member of Obama’s commission for Vice-President selection
• Member of the NAACP Legal and Educational Defense Fund
• Lawyer at the U.S. Justice Department in the Public Integrity Section
• Opposes the Death Penalty
• Advised Bill Clinton, President on the last minute pardons, when leaving office. There were 177 pardons of which Marc Rich was on the list. Rich had 65 criminal counts of tax evasion.
• Advised Clinton in the decision to reduce the criminal sentences of 16 members of the Boricua Popular Army, a group on the FBI Terror list.
• While working at Covington and Burling, Holder represented the Gitmo detainees and thus has still yet to recues himself on the current 9-11 conspirator’s case. Holder maintains the position that Gitmo detainees do NOT fall under the Geneva Convention.
• Worked with Janet Reno to urge the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the Washington D.C. hand-gun ban
• Argued that the Second Amendment does not allow the individual the right to keep and bear arms.
• Dismissed charges against Senator Ted Steven’s corruption charges
• Took 5 of the 9-11 conspirators out of the military commission and placed them into the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York for trial.
• Made a judgment on the Arizona Immigration Law as leading to ‘racial profiling’ without having read the law.
• Has filed a lawsuit against the State of Arizona claiming their new law interferes with Federal immigration law and enforcement procedures.
• Dropped all charges against the Voter Intimidation case against the New Black Panthers Party.
• Ordered the Department of Justice not to release sealed transcripts to the Swiss Government in the case of Roman Polanski. The Swiss government had no choice not to allow extradition of Polanski for the rape case. This decision was a favor to Holder’s close friend, Reid Weingarten, the lawyer representing Polanksi.
• Holds the position that ‘Sanctuary Cities’ for illegals are safe from Federal law prosecution on illegal immigration.
Covington and Burling has a deep history that is contrary to the protections of the United States. Michelle Malkin lays it our quite nicely at her website and in her book Culture of Corruption.

The bottom line is this on Holder, he works for the International Criminal Court and not the United States Department of Justice.
He practices ‘junk law’ and it is never in the best interest of the American spirit, it is completely contrary to the Founders’ objectives.
Think clearly, the real message that Eric Holder was delivering with his Department of Justice on the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case was this:
1. He has no intentions of prosecuting any case in the best interest of upholding the integrity of his office.
2. Giving a pass to the NBPP and the voter intimidation case was essentially telling the Nation of Islam to do as they please; he gave them a free ride.
3. Americans are now becoming much smarter and closer in lock step with DC corruption; he is not going to take any case that is a slam dunk. He expects more corruption and he essentially told us, ‘too bad’.
4. This decision also told us that voting in the mid-term elections may be a very intimidating experience getting to the polls and the vote results.
With regard to the Arizona law, Holder is telling us that he will aid any person from any country coming into our country and we will look the other way.

In the end, just what case IS Holder going to prosecute? Frankly, there are no cases on the horizon.