Riots in the Middle East, Manifested by the Muslim Brotherhood

Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt…..Yemen, Under the Radar Summary

Out of lock step with the mainstream media, here is an under the radar connection of the fall of the respective Middle East countries and how these campaigns were orchestrated.

Egypt has a peace treaty with Israel, Jordan has a peace treaty with Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood which is a faction of CAIR and Hamas are behind the demonstrations in Cairo and beyond. This is a movement of Iran to take down the Middle East and assume exclusive control of the region. Saudi Arabia and Israel are the targets of Iran.
Lebanon falls to Hezbollah over the tribunal of the Hariri assassination implications. Top key members of the government resign in protest to the tribunals, yet Hezbollah steps in to assume control as the citizens’ protest, the United Nations has no response. Najib Mikati and the Shiite militant group take the reins of power. The Sunni’s continue to protest.
Tunisia is the next on tap to fall as protests call for an end of authoritarian rule over the last two decades. Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, the president flees the country but not before packing up some unknown quantities of gold to head for Saudi Arabia.
Taking a lesson from Tunisia, Egypt is inspired to protest the same authoritarian rule of Hosni Mubarak. Riots, street closings and fires rage on as the Egyptian Stock Market suspends trading.
Mubarak’s family flees for Great Britain. Yemen, a few days later appears to have the same playbook and script as riots and protests keep the same ‘inspiration’ of anti-government sentiment.
Yemen has a very large representation in the United States for access to social organizations.
Algeria follows Yemen, in the quest for government reform and looks to a regime change. Jordan and Albania have the same riots in the streets. The Middle East has revolution in the air.
The White House has all eyes and assets on Afghanistan with proxy diplomats dispatched to North Korea and China.
So, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt and Yemen have been left to Saudi Arabia and Israel to finesse. The U.S. Navy has assets in nearby waters, yet those pesky pirates are on constant radar to keep supplies from flowing through shipping lanes and the Suez Canal as the profits for the pirates rises to more than $50 billion in ransom.
Just who wrote this playbook and who is marshalling the mission? Wade Rathke…..CAIR….Muslim Brotherhood and it is submitted by financing of none other than George Soros.
“Tides has also given grant money to the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Ostensibly a “Muslim civil rights group,” CAIR is in fact one of the leading anti-anti-terrorism organizations in the United States. CAIR regularly opposes American efforts to fight terrorism, claiming that Homeland Security measures are responsible for an undocumented surge in “hate crimes.” (Discover the Networks) The link here is comprehensive on the connections of Tides, CAIR and ANSWER, showing grant money via Soros. There is little difference in the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR. Egypt has made countless arrests in Cairo of Muslim Brotherhood members in recent days.

George Soros has destroyed countries before and he is connected to this further destruction in the Middle East using Iran as his proxy. This is a web of players and these players are webbing now throughout key locations in the world and it includes the United States. Small demonstrations took place today in America in solidarity of the Muslim Brotherhood. America, be prepared, the White House and the Department of Homeland Security will not sound an alarm on this.
Egypt arrest members of the Muslim Brotherhood:
The connections fit this way. Wade Rathke is a student and supporter of Francis Piven, the author of the strategy to force political change through revolution. Wade Rathke has a history of associations that include ACORN and SEIU.
Wade Rathke uses his tired old, yet effective unrest revolutionary manuals from the Tides Foundation to seize the feeble governments to manifest his agenda and topple governments. The United States has funded billions in aid to these countries, now in the hands of unknown quantities and qualities. The common theme throughout these riots and demonstrations is anti-government sentiment, autocratic rule, corruption and tightening of civil liberties.
A handful of bloggers/researchers at ‘Discover the Networks’ have compiled hard facts and connections of Rathke, the Tides Foundation, Peace Strategies Fund, George Soros, Open Society Institute and the hard money flowing worldwide.
The links and summary below will assist you in the connection of dots and arrows.
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Map or Organizations, funders, founders and connections

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  1. You are right on the money with Rathke and Tides.

    Check out the and the post “An International Dialogue in Egypt” that was set for later this year. Board of directors include Rathke, Drummond Pike plus SEIU and AFL-CIO.

    Then there is Rathke’s own site:
    In his blog post from Jan 29 “Egypt” he states in the next to last paragraph “here in Egypt” So it would appear that Wade is/was in Egypt on that date…..

  2. Hello,i dare say that any thing that does not fit your black and white view of the world
    is anti-semetic.when will poeple of your ideology learn to wade through events and interprit correctly?so much repression is not reason enough for the riots in the middle east.please let the world know when is the right time for aggitating for change?may be when half the middle east is repressed permanantly and isreal is the only power in the let`s the blame game around iran continue.

    • I am all too happy to hear what you have to say and it is my guess we just may agree in the end. If you have a message then I would like to hear it. I spent a lot of time of research on this and I am not above considering that I do not have the bigger picture. I hope to hear from you. Thank you.

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