Sequestration: Entitlements vs. National Security

Much has been mentioned in the last 18 months regarding the far and wide devastation of Sequestration that was the brain child of Barack Obama and Jack Lew in the White House. To further the support for the government cuts, this mission was meant to hurt as it was brought to Harry Reid to gain support and support Reid gave. This answers the question on why the Senate would not take up law and measures passed but the House as Harry Reid is ‘all-in’ with the White House, leaving the people’s work and voices both on the floor and silent.

Election Day and What it Could Reveal

Valerie Jarrett, has been silently elevated from advisor to Barack Obama’s actual brain and is so confident that Obama will win re-election she put out a verbal threat: “With this victory, there may be, quite literally hell to pay for those who opposed him.” Few took notice of this threat, especially the main stream media, but just what is this threat?
So, if Obama does win, is this a threat to those who did not vote for him or openly opposed him to date? Does half the population need to fear someone in the administration sending in the DHS, the DoJ, law enforcement, and/or are we going to get hit harder by executive orders than his supporters?
In Jarrett’s world, whose roots emanate from Chicago and its well-known political thug mentality, what can that ‘hell’ be? I say that Americans have lived in hell for quite a while now and in just one single term of the Obama regime has it been so evident, by an order of magnitude. Normally, a higher standard of statesmanship is expected from the White House, yet this is unlikely, especially since the “top-dog” in the White House will actually be Valerie Jarrett, not Obama. Recently, in anticipation of victory, Jarrett was dispatched with several lawyers out of Illinois to begin talks regarding Iran without Israel’s knowledge.
Let’s move on to another threat, from the man himself. Barack Obama said on national television while in Springfield, Ohio: “don’t boo, vote, voting is the best revenge.” Revenge for what? Once again, is revenge a threat? And to whom is this revenge pointed? Was it about some Romney advertisement or was it a bigger threat?
So now we have the top two people within the White House literally threatening American citizens. Are opposing voices now under threat from this day forward? Is it time to fear true tyranny so eloquently on display? Will there be a government shutdown over the debt and the debt ceiling? Will there be other threats to whatever the make-up of Congress is in 2013? Will there be a national security event concocted by this administration to completely usurp the power of the Congress as well as the people, how about the Judiciary? Threats…revenge?
Here we are on Election Day, and reports all day long have revealed lawlessness in certain states at voting polls. These events include people arriving in costumes, they include the New Black Panthers and allegedly also by former Navy Seals both working for voter “integrity”. We are also finding people going to the polls only to be told they have already voted when they have not.
Poll watchers have been forcibly removed from some locations and then put back under court order and removed again, especially in Philadelphia. In Los Angeles there are sex offenders registered with several home addresses, many voting more than once, and in San Francisco there are an estimated 25,000 questionable registered voters, most of which are dead according to Social Security Administration records. There are some states that have allowed United Nations Poll Monitors to observe voting locations and the early reports are they are stunned to know that some states do not have requirements to present any kind of identification.
The Department of Justice and the Obama campaign has been sternly opposed to new voter ID laws in states that have enacted such laws and Florida is one such state. So, the Obama campaign has a legion of lawyers coming from a pool of 5,800 lawyers assigned to challenge any irregularities. The majority of these lawyers in that pool were assembled by Robert Bauer, formerly of the White House legal team. Most of those on these teams actually have no legal experience in voting law but have been through training. The question is, training by whom? Trained to do what? Trained to muck up any eventuality like 2000 where we had to wait 37 days?
Now, we need to ask ourselves, will we really know who won on Tuesday? Will this race be challenged in a handful of states? Are the poll numbers that have been drilled into the media for the last month actually turned out to be correct? Is this race that close? Will the results be headed for state courts and later to the Supreme Court? If the results do not mirror the polling, will the “Tweeted” threats of riots emerge? Will some faction be screaming that the vote was fixed?
Beyond that, should Obama win a second term, does America know what his next term will look like for us and the world? Has he told us of his intentions? Yes and no! He has indicated by default that it will be more of the same. This means that things not completed during the first term, including a renewal of the assault weapons ban, cap and trade, more ‘quantitative easing’, and heading to a $20 trillion dollar debt.
What he has not said but the signs are apparent; it will mean Sharia compliance nationally, within 4 years. That which could not be passed through the House of Representatives will become defacto law due to a simple signature what will likely be a long list of Obama Executive Orders. Obama will likely replace 3-4 Supreme Court Judges; all much worse than Sotomayor and Kagan. There will be fuel shortages; higher pump prices, food shortages, higher taxes and the Southern border will be an even more porous virtual gateway. Most of all, however, our military will be gutted to the point of almost extinction and national security will be at our own peril. There will be a flood of retirees from all branches to be sure… and be sure to include our clandestined services as well.
Under Romney, should he win eventually, we will be assured of changes to the tax code, we will see more domestic energy production and more trade with Latin America. We will see an instantaneous opening of corporate coffers hiring and a market surge, likely on day one of confirmation that he won.
The Romney administration will be challenged by those in Congress’s Democrat Caucuses at every turn to repeal the Dodd Frank bill, Obamacare, and huge EPA regulations. Four years of Romney will be a combined effort to get government back on track…a smaller track. The relief will come, but it will be a massive cleanup endeavor and investigations will be a daily calendar item. Expect a lot of pardons in advance for many officials in many departments before the fact and before January 20, 2013.
Things in America could get real dicey for every day in the near term and it is a time to watch for events and conditions that speak to what we should be watching and correcting. We cannot forget those threats by Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama speaking of hell to pay and getting revenge. These could be marching orders, so are you paying attention?
Ladies and Gentlemen, under either scenario, our work is not done, this is not about politics, and it is about duty. We are the strongest division of government and we must use our power.

The Real Why on Benghazi

Get out the PAM cooking spray so nothing sticks to anyone involved in the murders and failed diplomatic operations in Benghazi. Yet, there is no one more responsible than the handful at the White House and the State Department. Remember that oath, to protect and defend against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. The date sadly was 9-11 but in this case it was 9-11, #11, an anniversary that historically brought out elevated states of alert and a position of readiness was always invoked, globally.

Day After Debate Quarterbacking

The CNN poll after the debate of 67% Romney and 23% Obama revealed a pick 6 for Romney.

See for yourself

Romney took the defensive position of a free safety and scored a pick 6 play for the entire 90 minutes of play. Barack Obama never had his eye on the ball in Denver, so what was the distraction? Some say that Obama never brought his “A” game, but I would argue he in fact did. The President has been on the field for four years but he has been looking to the stadium lights and neons for his whole term.