If Hillary Wins, Who Will be in the White House….

We cant predict who will be part of her cabinet staff, but given those who worked in the White House during Bill Clinton’s administration and now for the Hillary campaign,  you can bet it will be similar chaos and creepy people.

So, given those that are part of Hillary’s public campaign team and her clandestine operations team let us examine some names and the additional histories of these people. Note, how these people are recycled from decades of socialist political beltway occupation.

DOJ is the Legal Agent for the Clinton Foundation


Controls in place at the DoJ…uh huh and it is part of the Executive Branch..uh huh again.

So, what we have here are political operatives that have established a covert governmental mafia operation that works the system by a limitless team of lawyers, damage control organizations and by manipulating media, all of which are willing accomplices. While most that are paying attention consider the missing Hillary emails relate to Benghazi, it is more likely the larger inventory of communications deal with the Clinton Foundation of which the Department of Justice is a government funded operation protecting RICO collusion. Andy McCarthy describes it all in a perfect summary.

‘Zap Lanny out of our Universe’: Demonstrates ‘intent’


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