Respect Their Sacrifice

Respect Their Sacrifice
I have a friend, a real friend that I have come to know in my heart that he is a true man, a loyal warrior. He is a SEAL. We understand each other yet many words don’t need to be spoken between us – those unspoken conversations are already known and understood. We have never met.
America has a team of friends we have never met so many words are unspoken. They are the SEALS. Some of our friends have fallen from us, yet our way of life is richer for they walked with us for a while. They asked for missions no other could undertake and yet never sought a hero’s title or fame. So we know what was in their hearts. These men are by definition like no others we know. Our SEALS took a loss that we can never explain, never realize and never forget.
We must honor and respect the secrets they require and the grief they deserve. The prayers flow freely in their name.
SEALS are the adopted sons of America. We embrace their spirit, loyalty and brotherhood. Those whose lives were lost leave behind an honor we cannot fully explain, that is a station few will ever reach outside a dream.
To our fallen sons, I know you have now passed the golden tree, mounted your shields to the ceiling and have a seat at the table reserved for the chosen at Valhalla.
“But if it be a sin to covet honour, I am the most offending soul alive’ ~ Shakespeare

Mexicans in America left Behind Loyalty

Now is the time to re-examine your history and loyalty to your home country. Sure Mexico has had foundational corruption throughout for decades, yet the moment is upon you to reclaim your country.
It is estimated there are up to 40 million Mexicans in America under illegal conditions when measured by the rule of American law. For the sake of argument, let us apply just 4 million to the debate. It is shameful that those 4 million cannot be force multipliers and develop a mission to re-take your home country for the sake of love of country.
Sure the drug cartels have ruled government for years, yet your lack of faith and resolve allows the cartels and corruption to win. Where is your fight, belief, conviction, honor and allegiance?
Mexico has a deep beautiful history; it is a country possessing treasure and resources, that those who have escaped for countless reasons have left behind.
America has shown you the way of life as it could and should be in your home country.
Target key locations to take back and restore education, healthcare, law and commerce. Send a message to Calderon and the cartels. You have the human resources to do this with success. Elections in Mexico are approaching and will Calderon stay or will the cartels manipulate the elections in their favor? Could the entire country of Mexico fall?  Look deeply at those countries in the Middle East that are in a revolution due to terror groups and their leaders and governments have failed. Will you allow that in Mexico?
Mexico City years ago hosted the Olympics that set the high standard for all other host cities to follow. Mexico was proud, full of joy and had promise.
You abandoned her now and that is shameful.

Behind the Curtain of the War Stage

Gone are the days of war being fought as depicted in movies like ‘Patton’ or the more recent “Saving Private Ryan’. Occupational forces and ground troops are more likely assigned to patrol duty, holding town councils and passing out candy to children and MRE’s to adults. There is a method used today far removed from historical conflicts, which is to say the current procedure goes as follows:

Intel agencies confab
Dispatch CIA/FBI/Lawyers
Dispatch foreign intel personnel
Compare notes
Choose priorities and targets
Determine mission, success/fail ratio
Determine costs vs. return on investment
Deliver orders for Naval assets to remain close to AO
Confab with foreign intel on who assume assignment parts (NATO)
Get Congressional approval or more recently, side step Congress
Get supplemental war funding or side step and use stash funds or USAID money
Optional UN Resolution approval
Side step War Powers Act
Do not respond to any legislative branch, acquire DoJ cover
Check with International Criminal Court, adjust RoE’s
Determine which is better, ground troops or PMC’s or just payoff the enemy to play nice
Government Elites make personal financial investments in contractors to make some profits on the side. Carlyle Group and Council of Foreign Relations
Call in coordinates for drones or sorties
Check with the Department of Treasury by way of Promis software to determine how much currency can be seized
Create new trade agreements
Funnel currency through 100’s of banks worldwide in nefarious accounts then to the IMF/World Bank/Bank of International Settlements
Embed media and control the message
Draft the associated propaganda with the UNHRC
Determine and deliver the PR campaign
The NSA has the best intel hardware and software in the world by a far measure, yet they have no human resources to process and analyze the data to make predictions, hence January 25 in Cairo and the Arab Spring.
Cyber attacks and Wikileaks are the indicators of the failure of intelligence protections
Who are the pawns? Our dedicated and oath taking people in uniform and the citizens worldwide pay that debt. It is plunder for the sake of Elites. We clearly have enemies worldwide and some very nasty weapons pointed in various directions. The Geospatial system has these pinpointed, so what are we doing? One clear solution is to revisit the Geneva Convention laws as our enemy is not a subscriber. The enemy has found our weaknesses and exploits those limitations. Panetta with his nefarious history is not the point person to do that and frankly, Hillary has broken more than any other Secretary of State in history.

It is time to think out of the box with war strategies as all non-conventional tools must be applied. Political correctness for the sake of the UNHRC and the International Criminal Court is handicapping as is the common solution of monetary payoffs. The leadership of the mid-level military officers must be heard and considered.

Geneva Convention, Start Over

The Geneva Convention is comprised of four treaties and has had some subsequent alterations. In 1949, 194 countries affixed their signatures of endorsement. Yet, how effective and current does the Geneva Convention reach in today’s worldwide wars and conflicts?

Perhaps not too much. Consider, this Convention covers civilian causes, laws of war, use of weapons, prisoners and trials to mention a few. The last articles were applied in 2005, but who is the enforcement body of the GC? Perhaps the answer is the International Criminal Court, but who brings the charges and cases before the ICC? Personally, I cannot locate any recent events with respect to the GC before the ICC.

Consider how differently warfare is defined today as compared to that of decades ago.
Transnational fighters wear no uniform or flag of loyalty to a country.
Planes fly worldwide transporting uranium, plutonium, nuclear weapons parts and blueprint designs.
Money is being moved globally and hourly to banks hiding behind favorable laws that fund missions of unknown intelligence.
Narcotics bundled by the ton are shipped to worldwide destinations to destinations that go un-inspected.
Pirates rule key bodies of water that result in seizures and murder
Bombing missions are a daily procedure on countries without a declaration of war.
Use of new weapons, sanctions and cyber-warfare are not addressed in the GC.
This list is not comprehensive by any measure, yet it would be revealing to perform a concise and complete inventory of why the GC is a dinosaur warfare human rights operating guideline manual.
Another curious notion to consider: would the same 194 nations sign on today?

Congressional Hearing on Radical Islam in the United States

March 7, 2011
Congressman Peter King
Chairman; House Homeland Security Committee
339 Cannon House Office Building
Washington D.C. 20515
Via Fax: 202 226 2279
RE: Congressional Hearing on Radicalized Muslims in America

Dear Congressman,
Thank you for your service to our country and the zeal to investigate an ominous growing problem, so politically charged by the ignorant and complicit. Outside of Washington, D.C. beltway, we Americans see the signs in our neighborhoods from NYC to Temecula, California and all points between. Though I do not live in your district, it is your committee that matters greatly to all Americans.
As a long time researcher and analyst on the subject your committee will be investigating, I am deeply troubled, and most interested in helping the rest of America know what I and my friends have already determined, that Islam in America is “radical” from stem to stern. Therefore, we wish to offer our help by posing a few questions you may already have planned, but some of these need to be answered, regardless of the political fallout:
1. Who will you call forth from our governmental agencies to testify, and will you be including private subject matter experts unattached to any political party?
2. What Muslim advocacy groups will be interviewed?
3. How integrated are terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah with the drug cartels and their insurgency at our borders, including all forms of ports?
4. How many money exchanges, check cashing operations, and similar services are doing business in the United States that are owned by foreign Muslim groups? Is there a connection to domestic mosques and if so, what connections can be determined regarding the money trail?
5. How much do Muslim organizations fund specific departments within our domestic universities that teach Islam in any form or depth?
6. Are federal tax payer dollars being used to fund any of these programs? If so, why?
7. How many foreign students are allowed into the U.S. to attend these schools and who pays for their education? (i.e. – University of Texas)
8. Which Muslim advocacy groups receive tax payer funding in any form?
9. What is radical Islam, and how many organizations currently operate in the U.S. and is there a connection with these Islamic advocacy groups?
10. Who owns the land or leases on domestic mosques?
11. Are there any terror cells and training camps in the Unites States, and if so, do we know their locations and what role is the FBI and DHS playing if at all in investigating each?
12. What recruiting operations and activities are being conducted in our jails/prisons, including drug cartels and gangs in the U.S., and by whom? Are they connected to any local Mosques, or foreign nationals?
13. Are there any members of the Muslim Brotherhood on the Federal payroll at any level?
14. How many people are assigned to investigate Islamic activities in the U.S. government or investigative agencies and what is their objective? Where does this knowledge go and what action items are created?
15. How many peaceful Muslims/Islamists members have successfully helped foil any domestic plots within the last 5 years? Is there a profile of those that cooperate to keep America safe?
16. How much money gets moved offshore from the United States to Muslim/Islamic organizations and have we tracked the use of that money and those people who receive the money?
17. Are federal taxpayer funds being used by our State Department or any other agency to support radical activities overseas, whether intentionally or otherwise?
18. Is Islam or its mandate for Shariah law compatible with the U.S. Constitution?
19. Is Islam a religion, or is it a scheme for controlling people disguised as a religion?
20. Under what conditions do Islamic groups get assigned to the U.S. Terror List? Are these conditions consistent among all groups? Does the U.S. require U.N. acceptance to include any group on our terror list?
21. To what degree can the American public rely upon statistics the ATF/DoJ and other agencies produce, regarding border gun running? Is politics involved in the ‘Gunrunner’ scandal at the Southern Border, as well as with Islamic/Muslim groups in the United States?
22. We have witnessed Muslim attacks on Christian/Coptic churches worldwide, as well as Synagogues, are the same risks growing here in the United States?
23. Can anyone define the term: ‘The Perfect Day’, and if so, are we confident the administration is taking proper steps to prevent it?
24. Who at the State Department approved Choudary’s travel visa to the United States to hold a public rally for Sharia law to be formally introduced and installed in the United States and why?
25. With over 2200 mosques, and approximately 1.7 million Muslims living in America, what percentage support terrorism?
26. What is the connection between groups like Hamas/Hezbollah/Muslim Brotherhood with Venezuela and the other nations of South America?
27. ‘Political correctness’ allowed Major Hasan to continually progress unmolested his entire military, what is the status of the Muslims in our military ranks? Does the UCMJ address these issues without political correctness?
28. In the Immigration Reform debate, are Muslims receiving any special treatment?
29. We are witnessing a tidal wave of unrest in the rest of the Muslim world, what activities are we aware of here emanating from the IRGC, and the Muslim Brotherhood in terms of oil dependence, and the ability to foment an economic crisis globally?
30. We are aware of domestic non-Muslim organizations that have partnered with Muslim/Islamic groups overseas that aid and support foreign upheaval, are these groups being investigated for acts against foreign governments? Examples: CodePink, A.N.S.W.E.R. and the Center for America Progress.
Thank you for reviewing the contents of this letter. Should you require additional information, you are invited to contact me.

Denise Simon