Beyond Spying on You, What You See is Manipulated

First of all, beyond the NSA there is a consortium of 4 countries that collaborate on intelligence, data-mining of social media, and score their findings. The consortium is called GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) located in Britain and is the flagship of all cyber transactions as well as telecom transactions.

GCHQ is also known as the four eyes, watching everything and everyone globally without exception, areas more robustly than others, all for unique reasons.

The 3.7 Billion Request Tells a Bigger Story

The smartest people are those that have their hands dirty in government and time their respective departures when corruption goes to DEFCON levels. Such was the case with Lois Lerner at the IRS, such was the case with White House spokesperson, Robert Gibbs and such was the case with David Axelrod, a White House advisor. Now such is the case with Kathleen Sebelius.

DC, Target Rich for Lawsuits

Whistleblowers abound, they include the EPA, the Veterans Administration and the White House. It is about time that those in government finally sound the alarm while there should be thousands more doing the same thing.

The one target rich agency that needs the most whistleblowers is in fact the Department of Justice, but that is a fool’s errand to hope for that to happen. So, there are two lawsuits brewing that are notable and it is a start in the process.

Obama Prepares to Adopt 90,000

While the insurgency at the Southern Border continues, it is important to know even more outside the scope of the obvious aired on TV.

We have at least two retired Generals that have vocally said in the last few weeks that this incursion is a national security threat, their names are General Hayden and General Kelly. So what is really going on with a solution?

 Real Photo

90,000 migrants could cross border

3 Branches of Government, Me, Myself and I

Legitimate and validated U.S. citizens ARE the only branch of government that matters. The representatives in the House are our voice, such that Barack Obama has historically proven a deaf ear.

Even today at a presser, Barack Obama called the Tea Party, Speaker Boehner and House Republicans out on not passing a new immigration reform law. Well historically Barack Obama has without question used his pen and phone already to alter the law by either Executive Order or by the use of signing statements. Laws simply are such that the DoJ and White House counsel works to find a method of finesse.