For Gen. Mattis as SecDef, Mission is Iran

Outside of all the hype of the moniker of ‘mad-dog’ and with a call sign of ‘chaos’, there is much more to be known and understood about General Mattis and what his immediate objectives will be when confirmed as Secretary of Defense.


Mattis served on the Board of General Dynamics and is a Visiting Fellow of the Hoover Institute. With his dedication and loyalty to all those that have and are wearing the military uniform, Mattis is also on the Advisory Board of Spirit of America, an organization dedicated to the success and conditions of all service personnel.

Rehab Program with Fun Activities in Saudi is Fake

Europe is trying to install and measure effectiveness of rehab programs for convicted and known terrorists. Such is the case in the United States with the DHS/WH program on Countering Violent Extremism, a euphemism to terrorist and such is the case for the failed programs in Europe. So, have these tests been modeled after those of Saudi Arabia? Let’s find out from a terrorist himself. Not sure, but memory tells us that the Guantanamo detainees actually did all of these activities during detention including having a soccer field.