Congress to Formally Investigate Spooky Dude, Soros

When it comes to left-wing political objectives, none other than George Soros is part of the discussion. The Obama White House hosted Soros and Tom Steyer often to pursue funding of climate change initiatives. Soros had access to the Obama operatives on a whim. The internet is full of posts, articles and documents regarding Soros and his involvement in successful financial plots against the United States, but it goes far beyond that, all the way to Europe and former Soviet states. We wait, as the new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson gains control of Foggy Bottom with terminations and continues the clean up process, it will be interesting to see all the collusion by Soros with our government, especially USAID and policy.

For Trump: Inter arma enim silent leges

Translation: For among times of arms, the laws fall mute. But is this true?

Much opposition was forced on President GW Bush for his actions by executive order and presidential findings directly after the 9/11 attack. Bush ordered countless legal authorities inside and outside government for legal decisions on every step he took including that of ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’.

Stability is Instability in Italy as Prime Minister Resigns

Reuters: Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is set to resign on Monday after suffering a crushing defeat in a referendum over constitutional reform, tipping the euro zone’s third-largest economy into political turmoil.

His decision to quit after just two-and-a-half years in office deals a blow to the European Union, already reeling from multiple crises and struggling to overcome anti-establishment forces that have battered the Western world this year.

German migrants ‘despise’ Christians, ‘Islamise’ the country


Refugee camp translator reveals how German migrants ‘despise’ Christians and want to ‘Islamise’ the country

Sun: Eritrean woman, 39, who worked in asylum centres for five years, claims women told her they were having as many kids as possible to ‘destroy’ Germany

A TRANSLATOR at refugee camps in Germany has claimed Muslim migrants hate Christians and want to Islamise the country.