Pakistan Knew AND Cooperated, WH Lied

There is likely not a speech, a video, a briefing or a press conference coming out of the White House that we must not challenge for truth. Throw  agency secretaries into this LIE-ATHON….before this Obama regime leaves the White House in January of 2017, he will have written the legacy of his presidency as simply a fabrication of 8 years.

Sit back and read the following all while considering the videos, the newscasts and the books written about an operation conducted in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Personally I have seen countless documentaries on this event and always questioned whether the Pakistanis cooperated….

Al Jazeera Trouble, al Qaeda and Anti-Semitism

The news outlet from the Middle East, al Jazeera which is the primary news source in the region also reaches into the United States with journalists and a television division. But lately they are in real trouble, ethically and financially. What is worse it appears they have al Qaeda on the payroll.

ThreatCon Bravo and Background Information

Today, the military bases across the homeland have taken an extraordinary measure not seen since 2011, declaring ThreatCon Bravo.

Terrorist Threat Conditions

A Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff-approved program standardizes the military services’ identification of and recommended responses to terrorist threats against U.S. personnel and facilities. This program facilitates interservice coordination and support for antiterrorism activities. Also called THREATCONs. There are four THREATCONs above normal:


Garland Jihadi’s Inspired by ISIS, Cats Included

I watched this matter unfold myself on social media, then I worked the connections and tracked their posts carefully. Elton Simpson, born in Illinois was radicalized and was on his way to the jihad battleground until the FBI executed a sting operation a little more than a month ago. Elton got scared and concocted the Garland operation which too, the FBI knew about and broadcasted an alert.

Ring of Fire, PACOM

Since the Department of Defense announced the Jade Helm operation scheduled for this summer, there have been theories all over the internet with regard to what Jade Helm really is. Personally, none of us is doing our jobs unless we in fact question all actions by government, we are suspicious with proven and historical reasons. There are many take-a-ways in this post, fair warning, go slow. Nothing is ever simple.