There was Snowden but NOW there is Greenwald

Actually we should all be grateful to Edward Snowden for what he revealed about the NSA and the sweeping indiscriminate spying on U.S. citizens without a warrant or approval. This caused a real debate and formal discussion where the checks and balances should be a mission of all citizens.

Snowden has the proof for the sake of validation but should there be limits to what is published globally?

Maps for History and Truth

For those that think they understand the Middle East, a lesson in historical maps is required. For those that think they understand the Palestinian Authority, for those that think they understand Islam, for those that think they understand treaties, a lesson in historical maps is required.

The lesson begins here.

Davids Temple

Rashid Khalidi, a history professor at Columbia University and who has deep connections within the Barack Obama circles and the State Department is quoted here:

Shhhhh, Two Other Government Secrets

Do you ever wonder who your neighbor really is? Do you ever wonder how people actually are allowed into the United States? Do you ever wonder who approves visas for foreigners and what they are doing when they get here?



Item one —>>

WASHINGTON — To those who lost loved ones in the suicide bombing of the American Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, in April 1983, it is often called “the forgotten bombing” — overshadowed by an even deadlier attack on a Marine barracks at the Beirut airport six months later.

Hillary and Kerry, Stewards of Soros Policy

Money buys influence and Soros has both. While much has been written and exposed on George Soros, at the very top U.S. leadership follows the Soros edict, follow my playbook and you will be rewarded.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Kerry have all left a wake of destruction globally as they have been bought by George Soros. Most recently, matters relating to Israel, Russia and the European Union appear to defy logic, when upon a closer look, Soros is at the core of policy.

The Database and the Duty

There is not a single movement, not a single decision or a single transaction that any of us make that find its way into an obscure unknown database without our knowledge or approval.

We clearly are aware by now of the NSA intruding into all of our communications whether it be internet activity, phone metadata activity or any bank transaction. It was revealed by General Hayden, formerly chief of the NSA, only last week in an interview, that metadata is used to kill.