Obama, the Conductor of Chaos

Barack Obama holds the baton to an anti-American orchestra of tuned, tested, rehearsed instruments. The production is mismanaged, sour to the ears and causes people to leave the arena when the verses are not American and in cadence with allies. The entire governmental score is tyrannical and abusive.

His performance however, is well driven by inside marxist, communists and socialist operators who themselves have tuned, tested and rehearsed instruments where it is in harmony with enemies of America. How about Hugo Chavez, Mohammed Morsi or the Taliban? Then there is Iran.

Hillary’s Plan for Post Qaddafi Libya

Libya and Hillary’s team investment operation in post Qaddafi Libya


When Ambassador Cretz was expelled from Libya, he was later assigned to Ghana. As of this week, he is out of Ghana, allegedly retiring. I would suggest he is in the belly of the beast with the Hillary team, but I can’t prove anything other than a gut feeling.


Have you Met Marc Elias?

Marc is the lead counsel for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He has several previous relationships with politicians including John Kerry, Al Franken and Christopher Dodd. Marc is a legal operator in Washington DC and the point person when it comes to tax-exempt organizations, Political Action Committees (PAC), lobbying disclosures, voting rights acts and is employed at Perkins Coie, LLP.

Elias is one of the top 50 lawyers in DC:

America Recovery Reinvestment Act, NOT SO Much

When one visits the government website www.recovery.gov, these description reads that the board is a non-partisan, non-political agency and then in bold letter in a heading it also reads ‘The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board’.

Additionally the site mission statement reads: “To promote accountability by coordinating and conducting oversight of Recovery funds to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse and to foster transparency on Recovery spending by providing the public with accurate, user-friendly information.”