U.S. Constant State of Emergency

From the White House on National Security:


Google: Hacking Servers in Taiwan

Thousands of U.S. companies and countless government agencies get hacked several times a day. This is not a new phenomenon at all and the counter-measures against both China and Russia remain unfinished. The People’s Liberation Army is a wing of the Chinese government.

Politics trumps technology security, while the National Security Council, the NSA and the State Department never use proven evidence of criminal activity against the United States with Russian or Chinese leaders, they merely talk around the issue.

No Place Safe from CyberTerror

Cant shop at Target. Cant use your plastic at restaurants. Cant use hotspots for internet access. Cant buy medical coverage from Obamacare. Now if you are an employee at many companies your information is compromised. Now, the United States Post Office has been hacked and signs continue to point to China while Russia is just as aggressive.

Postal Service reveals cyber breach