Chinese Intelligence at Center of OPM Hack

First reported there was Anthem, one of the largest healthcare providers that was hacked. 80 million personal records were compromised. What is notable is Anthem is part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield health coverage network and even more concerning is BCBS provides coverage to more that half of the federal government workforce.

Take note of the following fro

America Recovery Reinvestment Act, NOT SO Much

When one visits the government website, these description reads that the board is a non-partisan, non-political agency and then in bold letter in a heading it also reads ‘The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board’.

Additionally the site mission statement reads: “To promote accountability by coordinating and conducting oversight of Recovery funds to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse and to foster transparency on Recovery spending by providing the public with accurate, user-friendly information.”

Russia China Pact with Snowden in the Middle

Going beyond the major hack by China into the Office of Personnel Management that cultivated at least 14 million personnel files of government, intelligence and military, China is building a database of individuals in America. Would they share it with Russia? The wake of destruction is yet to be known and future predictions are impossible to imagine.

Russia is turning to China and likewise China is delighted for the relationship as proven by the Silk Road Economic objectives.