Cold War Part Two

Flashing Red: Fighting breaks out in Ukraine this morning.

And the new announcement of the Russian flotilla in the Caspian Sea.

Very few in the media are attempting to connect the signals and events globally with regard to Putin’s moves to rebuild a new Russia. Not only has Putin virtually installed a footprint in Latin America , not only has Putin assumed control of Crimea, not only has Putin set his sights on annexing additional Baltic States, but, he has his military assets popping up in very interesting places lately.

Clinton Skeletons still Dancing

In the last month, many Clinton administration documents are being released which is required by law. To date we have seen documents as they relate to enemies lists, how to stage and rebuke scandals all of which lead to the just how they think and their hidden missions.

Putin is Stalin, both Equal Another Ukraine Holodomor

While VP Biden flew to Kiev today to show shallow solidarity with Ukraine, one must know that Kiev is the birthplace of the former Soviet Union, the keys to the kingdom of history, which is ripe for a re-birth.

Ukraine has a very nasty history and in recent decades has worked to find itself among a true democratic nation, learning to finds it’s way in the modern era. Putin is following the Stalin doctrine and is blocking Ukraine/Crimea from further advancements.

Obamacare, Fraudulent and Deadly

If one looks at Barack Obama’s most recent suggested White House budget, line by line, it is socialism and destructive. No worries however, it was defeated without so much as the media reporting the vote. So, what more do we need to know? A couple of things. Who exactly advises Barack Obama? Thomas Piketty is the answer. Who is he? A French socialist who hates capitalism. Even more scary, Piketty has the ear of many in Washington DC on the side of the Obama regime.