Putin’s Goal Post, Novorossiya

First, hello to the Russian bots and hackers.

Okay, there was Libya and that failed post Qaddafi. Then there was Iraq and that has failed. Then there is Afghanistan and yes that has failed. Then there is the civil war in Syria and that was handed over to Russia to deal with. Then comes Iran’s nuclear program….remember that? Add in the failed peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel, that is over. The White House mandated a pivot to Asia and now John Kerry is pivoting to Sudan. But what about Ukraine/Crimea and the Baltic States?

Tony Blair, More Right than Barack Obama

Tony Blair on the Islamist Threat

by Mark Durie
Frontpage Magazine
May 1, 2014



Tony Blair delivered a major speech on April 23 entitled, “Why the Middle East Matters”. In summary, he argued that the Middle East, far from being a “vast unfathomable mess” is deep in the throes of a multi-faceted struggle between a specific religious ideology on the one hand, and those who want to embrace the modern world on the other. Furthermore, the West, blinded up until now as to the religious nature of the conflict, must take sides: it should support those who stand on the side of open-minded pluralistic societies, and combat those who wish to create intolerant theocracies.

GRU, Spetsnaz and Ukraine

Here are some updates(May 5, 2014) that need to be posted:

1. US F-15 jet intercepted a Russian strategic bomber near Guam. Also drastic increase in Russian air patrols around Japanese islands and Korea.

2. There had been long-range Russian air patrols to the coast of California and a circumnavigation of the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam.

3. US commander in Pacific reports a significant increase in activities by Russian planes and ships in the region.

The Terror Report has Omissions

Polls suggest that American is war weary and we are, but our enemy is not weary at all, so what is the solution? Diplomacy after twenty plus years in various sorts of approaches including money and political correctness has not been a viable solution even when we leave a war theater like Iraq. In fact in Iraq, we just dispatched many spies and CIA operatives there once again. So how bad is the terror report even if partially accurate? Well no better today at all while the White House tells us differently. Terror is not only in the Western Hemisphere, but attacks are growing and we cannot overlook the Homeland.

Gitmo, Part Deux

Seems while the WH and the DoJ are hell bent on re-writing clemency laws and possibly releasing as many as 1.0 million criminals from domestic prisons, which is a real poke in the eye for Judges, Juries and Congress, shhh, but the same in about to happen it appears at Gitmo.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder seem to be taking the ‘Implied Powers’ of the presidency to a new level never seen before in history and certainly for nefarious reasons.