WGO is set against us; Obama’s Real Speech Before the UN General Assembly

Obama’s speech at the UN Assembly

The time is here and we must set our priorities as nations regarding war and peace for the sake of the cities and the global community. There are no boundaries and Wall Street has defined the economies which blow through the continents and cause hatred. The world is inter-connected and these challenges for the most part are done, we have built a world to focus on the single economy and the new age has started for all nations. The demands through finance will be determined through the G-20 to broaden yet merge against the resistance. But the resistance will expand so we need to continue to plant the effective seeds to draw down the resistance and remove from the transition their partnerships.

Summary of Our Doom; Obama’s Speech to the UN General Assembly

Upon the study of the speech patterns and body language of Obama, it is concluded he has key messages within this delivery. TOTUS has keywords underlined for him to use intonation while speaking. After spending much time examining the speech Obama delivered before the UN Assembly this week and taking note of all keywords-underlined, here is the real yet hidden message. It is a message of the accomplishments thus far and what has yet to be done.