IRS Chats and Emails, a Parallel Universe

Who knew that the IRS was the only agency that runs an internal chat communication system? Seems, Lois Lerner and her inner circle made full use of it after getting full confirmation that those chat exchanges were not recorded or archived, giving full freedom to discuss with co-workers to continue to ambush of non-profit conservative groups.

Going Digital to Aid Obama’s Intel

Ah, I learned about it in media reports. This is Barack Obama’s canned response to any crisis nationally or globally. Likely the best suggestion is for Barack Obama to purge his National Security Council, to purge his CIA leadership, to purge his FBI director.

Putin Sees a Post America World

Barack Obama in just a few short years has passed the baton to Vladimir Putin such that Putin can now dictate global conditions, economic standards and alter international law as he chooses. The United Nations, the Hague, the International Monetary Fund, Interpol and the World Bank will all fall in line with Putin at the helm, while the equilibrium of the globe will be at the hands of China, Iran and Russia.

Independence Day, a Holy Day

As America celebrates Independence Day, could it be that the birth of a new nation was guided exclusively by Divine Providence? As the revolution was under way and the eventual demand for freedom from the British Crown became a reality, one must accept the notion that a higher power granted the pathway for a new nation to show the world that Christianity was to be the gift of strength, self reliance and benevolence.