Geneva Convention, Start Over

The Geneva Convention is comprised of four treaties and has had some subsequent alterations. In 1949, 194 countries affixed their signatures of endorsement. Yet, how effective and current does the Geneva Convention reach in today’s worldwide wars and conflicts?

Perhaps not too much. Consider, this Convention covers civilian causes, laws of war, use of weapons, prisoners and trials to mention a few. The last articles were applied in 2005, but who is the enforcement body of the GC? Perhaps the answer is the International Criminal Court, but who brings the charges and cases before the ICC? Personally, I cannot locate any recent events with respect to the GC before the ICC.

Consider how differently warfare is defined today as compared to that of decades ago.
Transnational fighters wear no uniform or flag of loyalty to a country.
Planes fly worldwide transporting uranium, plutonium, nuclear weapons parts and blueprint designs.
Money is being moved globally and hourly to banks hiding behind favorable laws that fund missions of unknown intelligence.
Narcotics bundled by the ton are shipped to worldwide destinations to destinations that go un-inspected.
Pirates rule key bodies of water that result in seizures and murder
Bombing missions are a daily procedure on countries without a declaration of war.
Use of new weapons, sanctions and cyber-warfare are not addressed in the GC.
This list is not comprehensive by any measure, yet it would be revealing to perform a concise and complete inventory of why the GC is a dinosaur warfare human rights operating guideline manual.
Another curious notion to consider: would the same 194 nations sign on today?