Iran Agreement Celebrated by WH, What Others are Doing

While no one has paid much attention beyond Obama spiking the football, it is important to keep a keen eye on those countries affected and the other secret maneuvers the White House is still doing.

1. The National Security Council, the White House and the State Department have delivered the JPOA already to the United Nations before Congress received it, much less can debate it.

Raised Level to ForceCon Bravo Failed Chattanooga

U.S. Northern Command Admiral William Gortney ordered the increase of the force protection condition in the United States to FPCON Bravo in May of 2015.

This order was to increase security given recent threats from Islamic State when they posted the names and photos of former and active military personnel on the internet.

Additionally, this came on the heels of the Garland, Texas shooting coupled with the aggressive and correct statements from FBI Director James Comey where all 50 states had open investigations on terror plots.

Obama’s Message to Islam on Day of the Chattanooga Massacre

Just damn…

The Muslim brother in the White House had very shallow and empty words in response to the jihad massacre in Chattanooga where 4 Marines were killed. Remember, Obama is their direct boss and Commander in Chief.

He is just not that into our military, much less Christians.

During the Islamic month of Ramadan, Obama provides deep recognition, respect and benevolence to Islam.

From Breitbart:

Someone Teach This Asshole Seattle Mayor What Sharia is..


This Islamist Sharia protected class by state, local and federal government and complicit politicians need a real lesson. Sharia is the exact doctrine followed and installed by Islamic State.

In America, there can BE NO two sets of laws. The Constitution stands alone and we must proudly protect it.

From the Business Journal in Seattle

For some Muslims, it can be hard to buy a house, and Mayor Ed Murray plans to do something about it.