The Communist Nextdoor

Alright, this is going to be a long read, however, the work is presented here for your use and you DO need to spend some time on this.

First it should be known there is a ‘One World Government and a One World Legal System’. Once we admit this, all other items listed below will fall into place. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Nigerian Taliban, Boko Harem

Please someone tell Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and the rest of the members of the Congressional Black Caucus they need to attend a few meetings and read a few memos to understand the decades of history of Boko Harem and the killing machine they have been for years regardless of whether the dead are girls, military, political leaders or the very foundation of the poor and begging system throughout the region.

Government, a Bureaucracy of Zero Consequence

It is gratifying that more American citizens are paying attention to government, but the fight of fraud, waste, abuse and collusion is never over. In recent years we have endured scandals of epic proportions yet NO one has been fired or jailed. Wrong-doing is often rewarded with financial bonuses and others are just re-assigned all under the protections of obscure laws and selective investigations and prosecutions. We have seen the publications of Senator Coburn’s Waste Book, we have seen the Citizens Against Government Waste Pig Book, we have seen government investment in failed start-up companies and those that lie including Barack Obama on Obamacare.

Benghazi, It is the Lawyers Stupid…

Every government agency has more lawyers than common sense, meaning they are called upon to drum up legal advise to either not do something or to do it and in the case of a military response to the attacks in Benghazi, a boat load of various lawyers were called upon. Let’s go deeper.

North Korea Nuclear Program is Real

No one really wants to admit the effectiveness and reality of the North Korea nuclear program but it is real. The real objective of the global leaders is to determine what is next. Global Hawks, eyes in the sky along with Geo-Spatial systems are taking pictures for sure, but analyzing the scope of the North Korean objectives continues to pose future estimates and targets as well as timelines.