On Planned Parenthood, Anyone Remember Anita Dunn or Ann Richards?

Maybe we should be checking Hillary’s emails for several other items.

Ann Richards was the 45th Governor of Texas and the one who famously said at the 1988 Democratic Convention ” Poor George, he cant help it, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Well, Ann has a daughter, Cecile Richards who is the president of Planned Parenthood, which at the very moment I type this, the Planned Parenthood website is down for maintenance. Riiiiiight.

Hillary Used Several Intel Agencies, Hundreds of Classified Emails

Hillary Clinton with her lawyer, David Kendall have worked out the details to testify before the House Committee on Benghazi led by Congressman Trey Gowdy.

 Data in Clinton’s ‘secret’ emails came from 5 intelligence agencies 

Hillary: A Woman’s Right to Choose Reproduction of Emails?

Perhaps Hillary has some confusion in her social engineering thinking. She touts that women have a right to choose on personal reproduction but does that really apply to her emails?

Hillary Clinton turned over emails to the State Department after her term as Secretary of State from her private server. Apparently not being too tech savvy, someone else in her inner circle reviewed and processed tens of thousands of emails, printed them and delivered them to the State Department. The question is who did that and did they have security clearance for such action or access?