History Lesson, Important Today, Muslim Brotherhood in America

The violent and militant aggressions against the United States today has a cause and the same goes for the White House policy towards Islam, which is they are a designated and protected class.

It should also be noted that a petition was placed on the White House website last year to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terror organization, after the required number of signatures forcing the White House to respond, they did and said NO.

Abbas Araqchi, Man Behind the IAEA Side Deals with Iran

Araqchi is the top hidden negotiator for Iran’s Supreme leader when it comes to inspections, the IAEA and missiles.

From the Deputy Minister of Iran’s Foreign Affairs: Araqchi underscored that Iran attaches great importance to implementation of the nuclear agreement and the commitment of the other party to the deal.

Touching upon Iran`s relations with its neighboring countries, Azerbaijan in particular, in the post-sanctions era, Araqchi underscored that Iran wants to expand its economic cooperation with the international community.

Judge Smacks DoJ on Illegal Detention Centers

Detention centers are located in several states and in Texas, ICE just released hundreds of illegals as did Arizona. Detentions centers can only hold the immigrants for 60 days unless a court hears their case. Almost none of the illegals have their paperwork processed due to volume much less even appear in court.

For a map of ICE published detention centers, click here. Thousands upon thousands are immediately transferred out to contracted organizations mostly operating as religious organizations but that is actually a front operation.

Only Franklin Graham Fighting Back? No Christian Churches?

Denial has become an epidemic and especially so when it comes to the Obama administration on the Christian genocide globally at the hands of militant Islam.

The Pope is on the wrong side of the debate and facts and churches in the United States have been silent. The only person ringing the alarm bell is Franklin Graham. So, as parishioners, there is a duty to notice and protect.

Here are some chilling facts.

The Plot to Kill Saudi Ambassador and the Border Patrol Helicopter

In 2011, intelligence officials uncovered a plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador during his trip to the United States. He was to be blown up while he dined in a Washington DC restaurant.

Not come more was in the media after the initial news item on it. Years later, it is time to take another look due to a helicopter that was operated by Customs and Border patrol in Laredo, Texas that was shot at by ground fire and had to make an emergency landing.