20 Step Refugee Vetting Process, Nuts…

So, that is the process, allegedly done with extreme scrutiny…ahem. But what about those that come into the United States by other nefarious methods such as sneaking across our borders? They get a pass?

It is the exact time in our country to have this debate and the arguments must include the safety and financial consequences, both of which never are part of the wider discussion.

Known Wolves: Belgium is Molenbeek, Germany is North Rhine-Westphalia

The default position is always there is an intelligence gap when it comes to tracking militants and jihad networks. The blame is never placed on local or state politicians that lack the will to enforce laws and take a harder stance protecting their own communities due to grace, generosity and political correctness.

Such is the case in London, Paris, Berlin and not the least, Brussels.

Europol Warning on Vehicle Ramming in Germany

Europol, the European Union police intelligence agency, warned earlier this month that lone attackers or small cells were plotting mayhem using vehicles as weapons.

Europol also pointed to reports that German authorities were aware of hundreds of attempts by jihadists to recruit refugees.

In November the United States warned its citizens it had ‘credible information’ that the Christmas markets were a target, while in the UK, the Foreign Office revised its travel advice earlier this month saying there was a ‘high threat from terrorism’ in Germany.