THE Smoking Gun Email on Benghazi

Some things speak for themselves, this is one of them and timing is everything. It is now a proven fact, the natural order of business by Barack Obama, his inner circle and the same with Hillary Clinton is to lie and obstruct investigations and justice. Now, the consequence? That is up to us…..we have demands to make here in retribution for death and dishonesty. What say you?

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After San Bernardino Massacre, Who Isn’t Cooperating

Fmr. FBI Counterterrorism Agent: We’ve Received ‘Nearly Zero Help’ from U.S. Muslim Community Since 9/11

Though President Barack Obama claimed that America must “enlist Muslim communities” to combat terrorism in his Sunday evening Oval Office address, former FBI Counterterrorism Agent John Guandolo said on Monday’s Breitbart News Daily (6AM-9AM EST on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125) that since 9/11, “we collectively have received nearly zero help from the Muslim Community.”

Confirmed, Terror Related People Exploiting Refugee Program

Today, December 7, Josh Earnest just declared we are at war because Islamic State has declared war on the West. Wonder if this was approved by Barack Obama himself.

ISIS has targeted refugee program to enter US, Homeland Security chairman says

TheHill: Intelligence officials have determined that Islamic extremists have explored using the refugee program to enter the United States, the head of the House Homeland Security Committee said on Monday.

THAT Terror Watch List Includes TSA Employees

People are nominated due to certain conditions and points to go on the terror watch list. The report is here.  .

Obama’s solution to terror was to expand the stipulations to be on the list, keeping the country safe?

72 DHS Employees on Terrorist Watch List

FreeBeacon: At least 72 employees at the Department of Homeland Security are listed on the U.S. terrorist watch list, according to a Democratic lawmaker.

POTUS asked for Unique ISIS Report, Dates Matter

Barack Obama commissioned a special report on Islamic State that was complied by U,S, Southern Command and a few other top intelligence agencies. He received the report before he told the country Islamic State was ‘contained’ and certainly before the Paris climate change summit where countless side meetings were held with other world leaders on the matter of Iraq and Syria. He had the facts, but continued with ‘his’ self concocted strategy, while issuing a full rebuke to others challenging his posture on the war against Islamic State.