Black Flag tops the Eiffel Tower

Out of every crisis, more lessons are learned and side debates begin. Sadly, due to the Boko Harem kidnapping of hundreds of Christian girl is one event that is causing another look at a topic few have wanted to investigate and reveal, that is Islam and the flight of Christians worldwide to safer destinations.

While we know that Europe is in real trouble with regard to the infiltration of Islam into the every day culture, Britain is on a path that is following France and France is toast.

Iran Declares Victory for Assad in Syria

Well John Kerry and Barack Obama delivered a nuclear weapons program victory for Iran so it stands to reason that Iran is doing the same and declaring victory for el Assad of Syria. Regardless of the foreign weapons, MRE’s and non-lethal assistance the White House and the State Department have provided to the wrong rebel factions in Syria, it is a waste of millions upon millions of U.S. dollars which is the least of the matter given the growing larger terror threat in the region. Only last week did Israel have to close off parts of the Golan Heights to mounting threats but now it seems the barrel bombs and TOW missiles provided to Assad opposition forces of all kinds of militia descriptions have been defeated in many districts in Syria.

DoJ, DHS has a Terrorists Hands off List

While Prime Minister Cameron of Great Britain has performed an investigation on Islamists in his country, Cameron put out a rather weak statement revealing his concern for an emerging threat. Better late than never Cameron. Only a few months ago, Saudi Arabia listed the Muslim Brotherhood on their terror list and we currently know how aggressive Egypt is getting with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Who are Paul Pillar and Martin Indyk?

Do you ever wonder who creates political agendas when it comes to foreign policy? Do you wonder who works behind the scenes with whom and why?

When it comes to major opposition to policy you can be sure there are those who would rather stay hidden and there are two people you should be introduced to, Paul Pillar and Martin Indyk.

Palestinian talks

The Communist Nextdoor

Alright, this is going to be a long read, however, the work is presented here for your use and you DO need to spend some time on this.

First it should be known there is a ‘One World Government and a One World Legal System’. Once we admit this, all other items listed below will fall into place. Don’t shoot the messenger.