Taxing Texting to Pay Entitlements/Cell Service for Indigents?

Anyone old enough to remember the sin taxes? Well seems California has proposed to take it to a whole new level and to aid the poor…use cell phones…..didn’t the Federal government do that with the Obama-phones?

Anyone remember taxation without representation? Oh, just an archaic notion anymore.

How to Save Messages on Your iPhone | WIRED

SACRAMENTO, CA (NBC NEWS) — California residents may soon have to pay a tax on texting.

Yellow Vest Protests Getting Worse

The protests began in Paris and continue where some real violence is reported. 2000 people have been arrested from this past weekend and to date, the damage from the protests have reached an estimated $1 billion. Where is Macron? That is a good question.



France 24 is reporting that this movement which began mobilizing in Facebook against increases in fuel taxes has spread to Belgium and the Netherlands.