Eric Schneiderman/Harvey Weinstein and Sexual Abuse?

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Eric Schneiderman is the current Attorney General of New York. And already Governor Cuomo is calling for his resignation. Schneiderman has joined 8 other AG’s against Scott Pruitt at the EPA over applying limited science on decisions made on public health and the environment. Schneiderman has also made it a personal and professional challenge to take down Donald Trump as the leader of the resistance. Hillary is sitting on the sidelines at the moment.

China is Buying America with and without CFIUS

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When China is not buying America, they are busy in other parts of the globe buying places like Europe. That is how China is expanding, including stealing intelligence, espionage and hacking. The parts of Britain not owned by Russia are being gobbled up by China. Russia has a long plan and China has a long plan, not too sure about the United States, Britain or other allies.

Putin Denies Military Operations Against Ukraine, Proof Emerges

Map of Mariupol in Ukraine - ABC News (Australian ...


The Ambassador predicted liberation of Mariupol in 2014, the plan was in place, was anyone listening? Liberation? That is how Moscow packaged it? And the Active Measures/propaganda continues.

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Russian troops attacking Mariupol, Ukrainian militia ... photo

Breaking: Russian Officers and Militants Identified as Perpetrators of the January 2015 Mariupol Artillery Strike

The investigation can be viewed here

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Facebook Suggested Friends Feature Recruited for ISIS

Ooops, call it Artificial Intelligence or an automated outcome friend feature because Mark Zuckerberg thinks connecting people to be friends globally is a good thing. In this case, not so much and who was paying attention? Further, has it been fixed? Nah.

Remember the time when Islamic State has mastered social media to exploit their jihad successes including their videos and publications? The world was in shock and yet, it continues today.