It is a Day that Ends in ‘Y’ and Another Hillary Email Revelation


While a big 9000 email dump is expected tonight at 9PM, August 31 by the State Department of more court ordered emails to be released, seems yet another 150 contained classified information.

EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Shared An Email Network With The Clinton Foundation

The Words you Use can Be a Cause for Investigation


On the knife’s edge, Americans are threatened by some entity every day. It is the work of government to keep the homeland safe and the methods or tactics used can infringe on our protected rights.

Wonder what words are used in Hillary’s emails….

When it comes to words, the Department of Homeland Security has a list and they have systems to cultivate interactions on the internet where social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and YouTube are the top three locations where you are being watched. Have you ever posted something to Facebook and it was removed?

Destruction by Foreign Hackers Cannot be Measured


The job of the future appears to be cyber soldiers, warriors trained to protect America from cyber-terrorism.

US Army Looks Inward for Next Batch of Cyber Specialists

The Army has turned to its own ranks in hopes of satisfying its growing need for talented cybersecurity professionals.

In June, the agency announced that all E-1- through E-8-ranked soldiers, regardless of their technical background, could apply to participate in a yearlong cyber training program, according to a recent Army press release.

Asylum Seekers Die Across the Globe


The United Nations Refugee Agency’s solution to global unrest appears to be the same as that of world leaders, report the crisis and force other countries to accept refugees and asylum seekers. Meanwhile, death tolls mount.

Between the fact that the Obama White House never had a strategic plan for the Middle East, nor one for Central and Latin America, while as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry do not have one either. Meanwhile people suffer and the whole consequence threatens national security, healthcare, education, taxpayers, crimes and more.

Islamist Incursion Continues in Sheriff’s Dept.


It is not just one Sheriffs Office either, there is Los Angeles County and then add in the fact that even County Commissioners are in lock step with Islamists and CAIR. Question is how does their oath square with Sharia law? Anyone?

Human smuggling network dismantled


One must keep in mind that this is yet a result of the Obama White House backdoor Dreamer program.

A human smuggling network that operated in Central America, Mexico and the United States was dismantled in a multinational operation.

Eleven members of the network, that used sea routes to transport undocumented immigrants trying to reach the United States, were arrested in three Mexican states: Oaxaca, Puebla and Guerrero.

Who is Behind Black Lives Matter….


The #BlackLivesMatter operation is a concoction and a deadly one now as we have seen in recent weeks. The main author of the research summary is Nazgol Ghandnoosh, PhD and this operation has been fully embraced not only by the left, but the Democrats, the White House and the Department of Justice.

It must be remembered and noted that Eric Holder before leaving as the U.S. Attorney General, went to Ferguson at the behest of the White House to investigate matters there and the consequences are now the ‘Sentencing Project’.

A Chinese Military Officer’s Summary of the United States


The date on this summary is 2015. The author is highly respected within the Chinese military and it demonstrates the cultural thinking of the United States. The facts listed in this essay are perhaps distorted yet there may be some reality in the conclusions.

For this reason, I invite commentary on the text. All of it text deserves some thought and debate.

The Political War has Been Launched


The annual Spring meeting for the DNC is going on in Minneapolis and of particular note with the chatter about Joe Biden entering the presidential race, he was not in attendance. Truth be known, he is quite undecided regard of the ‘Draft Joe Biden’ campaign and Jill Biden does not want him to run for the Oval Office for the third time.

About Those Syrian Refugees Coming to America


Will it be 8000 officially or is there some other number that we don’t know about? Are they Muslims or Christians? Do they have criminal records, do they have some infectious health conditions? Are there terrorists among them? Is the United Nations, the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. State Department or the White House providing us with some assurances of guarantees? Will be there be some announcement from the government on how this will work? Does your Congressman support this, or is your representative even aware of any part of this operation?

How Big is the Federal Govt? No One Actually Knows


Feds wildly disagree on number of agencies, range is 60-430

How big is the federal government? So big, it has lost count of just how many department and agencies it has, according to a federal watchdog group.

Quoting federal officials, the Competitive Enterprise Institute said the number given ranges from a mere 60 to a whopping 430.

Invisible Ink in this Iran Deal


Could it be that this Iran deal had many written parts using invisible ink where formulas have been applied to see the realities?

Iran’s Rohani Opposes Parliament Vote On Nuclear Deal  Iranian President

Hassan Rohani has opposed a parliamentary vote on a landmark nuclear agreement with world powers.

Under the July 14 deal, Western sanctions will be gradually be lifted in return for Iran imposing curbs on nuclear activities, which the West suspects are aimed at making an atomic bomb.

Raise Your Hand if You Think You’re Going Back to Iraq


You’re correct, and it could be a ten year war.

With sequestration and even worse defense contractors without advance platform orders and enemies in the same technology as the United States, ten years is not out of the limits of acceptance. The next commander in chief faces a daunting reality as Islamic State, al Nusra, the Taliban, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Houthis and countless other terror operation cells have nothing but time and a constant flow of new generational fighters.

Minneapolis is a National Security Risk


A Terror Suspect on the ‘No Fly’ List Just Got His Trucking License in Minnesota

A Minnesota terror suspect may be on the “No Fly” list, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting his Class A trucking license.

Back in 2007, the FBI arrested Amir Meshal on suspicion of leaving a terror training camp in Somalia. But this month, Meshal was granted a license to drive semi-trucks after he passed his road test. He also applied for a school bus endorsement.

Obama’s Retreat from Global Stage, Refugee Crisis



VIENNA (AP)As regional leaders met Thursday to tackle Europe’s refugee crisis, a gruesome discovery unfolded a short drive from the Austrian capital: An abandoned truck was found with at least 20 — and possibly up to 50 — decomposing bodies of migrants piled inside.

Video, Biden Foot in Mouth Disease


The colorful Joe Biden, video courtesy of FreeBeacon.

Foot-in-Mouth Disease

Above links are courtesy of Time.

Foreign Money Fundraisers to Obama Clinton DoJ Probe


$4000 bar tabs, meetings, bundling, foreign access, access, White House parties and advisory groups, it is all how the Obama elites roll.

Hat tip to FP and Bill Allison:

Elite Fundraiser for Obama and Clinton Linked to Justice Department Probe
n FP investigation shows that Imaad Zuberi, who has bundled hundreds of thousands of dollars for leading Democrats, failed to disclose the extent of his ties to a foreign government.

Innovative Words Don’t Change the Global Refugee Crisis


The battle over the words used to describe migrants

BBC: The word migrant is defined in Oxford English Dictionary as “one who moves, either temporarily or permanently, from one place, area, or country of residence to another”.

It is used as a neutral term by many media organisations – including the BBC – but there has been criticism of that use.

Legitimate Voting is up to YOU at the Local Level


The most precious duty real citizens have is to vote, but must be an informed voter, where the vote is good for the country. Ensuring votes are made in a legitimate location, not duplicated, not under fraudulent names and with validated identification must be task undertaken by every citizen at the local level. Understand the laws, challenge the voter rolls and volunteer.

14th Amendment Does Not Give Birthright Citizenship

It is about time that this matter gets full attention and debate.
The most important word is but 2 letters: We the People OF meaning loyalty, honor and duty.

He unabashedly wades into politically dangerous territory and yet continues to be rewarded by favorable poll results. He has clearly tapped into a reserve of public resentment for inside-the-Beltway politics. How far this resentment will carry him is anyone’s guess, but the Republican establishment is worried. His latest proposal to end birthright citizenship has set off alarm bells in the Republican party.

More Signatures on Letters Opposing Iran deal


As posted on this website, there is big money for ‘YES’ votes when it comes to U.S. Senators. Yet, there is a robust movement compelling the termination of the Iran Deal. Note the letters below and those signatures.

Over 1000 U.S. Rabbis Sign Letter Urging Congress to Reject Iran Nuclear Deal TEXT OF LETTER-PETITION FROM 1000 US RABBIS Zionist Organization of America Thursday, August 27, 2015


Creepy Underworld Advertised on Billboards Escort Service


Read with caution, fair warning.

Raid of Rentboy, an Escort Website, Angers Gay Activists

For some gay activists, it had shades of bathhouse raids and gay-bar roundups from decades ago. On Tuesday, federal authorities burst into the Union Square office of the gay-escort website and arrested the chief executive and several employees on prostitution charges.

We Are the Government, Here to Help Local Communities


Creepy and shovel ready, kinda sorta…

From the White House:

Here’s How the Federal Government is Working with Local Communities to Create Change, in One Map:

Get the facts and data behind the programs the Obama administration has put in place in partnership with the communities they intend to serve, all across the country.

As the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, it’s my job to oversee the implementation and enforcement of the President’s priorities across the Administration.

IAEA out of Inspection Money While PMD’s Expand


Cash-Strapped IAEA to Stop Monitoring Iran Next Month?

“Yukiya Amano, head of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), announced on Tuesday that his organization’s funds to monitor Iran’s nuclear program will run out next month, indicating a potential road block for last month’s Iran nuclear deal…

The IAEA chief asked member states to fork over more funds to continue the monitoring of the Islamic regime, revealing that the 800,000 euros ($924,000) a month that it has received to this point will run out by the end of September.

Hillary’s Pay for Weapons State Department


There is not much we can point to when it comes to tangible and valuable achievements within the Hillary Clinton State Department of 4 years. Perhaps she and her deputies were busy processing orders and depositing checks.

Further, if the world was not so unbalanced and in complete turmoil due to civil wars, terror groups and evacuations of those fleeing their home countries, would countries really need to increase their weapons arsenals? This unto itself is a failure of Barack Obama’s lack of leadership and strategy, that lil miss Hillary exploited.