Obamacare, Fraudulent and Deadly

If one looks at Barack Obama’s most recent suggested White House budget, line by line, it is socialism and destructive. No worries however, it was defeated without so much as the media reporting the vote. So, what more do we need to know? A couple of things. Who exactly advises Barack Obama? Thomas Piketty is the answer. Who is he? A French socialist who hates capitalism. Even more scary, Piketty has the ear of many in Washington DC on the side of the Obama regime.

Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” has only just been translated into English – several weeks ahead of schedule, due to popular demand – and the New York Times’s star columnist Paul Krugman has already described it as “the most important economics book of the year — and maybe of the decade”.

The French economist’s current US book tour is turning into something of a red carpet event. So far this week, he has met the White House’s Council of Economic Advisors as well as Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew.

So this brings us to Obamacare. Economically, Obamacare is Armageddon for America, all of America, the economic future, the financially stability, global competitiveness and worst of all for the young, old, and indigent.

Since the launch of the official PPACA website www.healthcare.gov (which is highly recommended not to visit due to security risks) there have been horror stories about the failure of the website, the massive number of policies cancelled and the billions of dollars thrown at the law to make it work.




Steve Tucker, a career health insurance broker and expert reveals some real ugly truths about the law as he HAS read the law and the 22,000 supplemental pages to the law. There are facts and trigger points in the law that take America and the best healthcare system worldwide into the twilight zone.

What is most important is only and only Democrats voted for this law, most of which never read a single page of it and then Barack Obama signed it into law and he too never read a page. You must acknowledge too that Republicans are in fact aware of the content of the law and have worked to repeal, alter and or delay the law as many as 47 times, but Harry Reid the majority leader of the Senate refuses to advance any House bill….ever.

The healthcare system in America never required complete alteration, in fact as many as 45 states already had/have two fully funded medical coverage that covered the sick, elderly and poor. Only a real handful of states needed like plans. But we are at numbers approaching trillions as we move into 2016-2017 and when more than a trillion dollars becomes a real number to be applied to Obamacare, then the earth needs to stand still and hear this full interview with Steve Tucker.

This is the unvarnished truth of a scam, redistribution of wealth, lies, collusion and un-Constitutional law. Fair warning to the listeners for the content of this interview but we must face the scary and damning facts for the sake of being an informed citizen.

Listen to the WHOLE interview here. (The Steve Tucker, Obamacare show)

Obamacare puts America in crisis and this is well known by those that voted for the law. Thank you again to Steve Tucker.

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Obama, I can Ignore the law I signed

Only today did Barack Obama sign a law authored by Senator Ted Cruz that would forbid entry, legal entry by a visa to Hamid Aboutalebi. Who is Aboutalebi? Well one must go back to 1979, when the U.S. Embassy was taken over by a group of Iranian radicals and 52 hostages (US diplomat and citizens) were kidnapped for 444 days.

The bill Cruz authored passed with ease and Barack Obama signed it into law, but…but only minutes after signing the new law, he said he would use it only as advise and would not especially enforce it.

  Obama decided to treat the law as mere advice. “Acts of espionage and terrorism against the United States and our allies are unquestionably problems of the utmost gravity, and I share the Congress’s concern that individuals who have engaged in such activity may use the cover of diplomacy to gain access to our Nation,” Obama said in his signing statement.

Read more here on the blowback of Barack Obama’s statement. Remember Barack Obama tells his staff daily they can take action without Congress and we have seen that promise and statement play-out quite well with regard to Obamacare and Immigration.

As a matter of just how this administration sees foreign terrorists, a reminder is important that Aboutalebi has a long history of nefarious connections.

Who else seems to approve of terrorists and has the same warm feeling for letting terrorist go free? Well Eric Holder of course. Holder was acting Attorney General during the Clinton administration and the case of the FALN came up for a pardon. FALN is Fuerzs Armadas de Liberacion Nacional, a Puerto Rico clandestine paramilitary organization of MarxistLeninist orientation with deep ties to the Weather Underground and Black, Inc.  FALN was responsible for 5 bombs in New York in 1974, a bomb-making factory in Chicago was found in 1976 that was theirs and 11 of them were arrested in 1980 for armed robbery. But that is not all, they actually made an assassination attempt on President Truman and seriously injuring a handful of Congressmen.

See history of FALN here, which is a fascinating historical reference.

There are several staggering items in all of this, one is Eric Holder was never completely challenged during his AG/DoJ Confirmation hearing and he worked the clemency deal for President Bill Clinton, who signed it. Oh and by the way we see Bill Ayers of Weather Underground around the country often and he not only is a friend of Barack Obama but he also was the ghost writer for Obama’s book “Dreams of my Father’.

We must wonder what these people think or have any moral clarity on anything.

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Brandeis Bans Free Speech

On the Brandeis University website it states the school is the only nonsectarian Jewish sponsored university in the country. The school was named for Louis Dembitz Brandeis, a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Then there is a sentence on the website that refers to the school has innovative and exciting programs of learning that emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge and the solutions of real-life problems.

Heh, well when it comes to the schools decision to uninvited Ayaan Hirshi Ali for an honorary degree, it flies in the face of the very text above and especially that of what any Supreme Court Justice should encourage.

In a deeper look one of the notable alumni of the school is Michael Ratner, class of ’65. He is the President Emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights. Sounds like a great guy eh? Well not so much, this organization he runs is at the core of the outside constant assistance of the existing AG of the Department of Justice, Eric Holder and additionally that organization is the lead agency full of lawyers providing free counsel to Guantanamo detainees.

And this very week, the school terminated its invitation to Ayann Hirshi Ali under major pressure from CAIR, whose membership has a nasty history.



When radical speech comes from Muslims, however, the same voices claiming to defend the world against hate speech suddenly turn into spin doctors. Among the examples:

  • Sami Al-Arian remains a hero in Islamist circles despite being      exposed as a board member for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and being      taped saying Jews were “made into monkeys and      pigs” by Allah and calling for “Death to Israel.”
  • CAIR represented Imam Kifah Mustapha in failed litigation against the Illinois State Police. The agency dropped Mustapha as its first Muslim chaplain after the Investigative Project on Terrorism reported about his work as a paid fundraiser for a Hamas front, including performances “singing about Jihad and martyrdom” in a singing troupe which performed at fundraisers.
  • CAIR lauded University of California, Irvine students charged with misdemeanors for orchestrating a series of disruptions aimed at silencing a 2010 speech by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren. CAIR’s Los Angeles director called the students, whose stated goal was to silence someone else’s speech, “true American heroes.”
  • CAIR has defended Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi as a moderate despite his fatwas justifying suicide bombings in Israel and attacks on American soldiers in Iraq. CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad joined Qaradawi in 2012 to discuss a film project about the Muslim prophet Muhammad. This meeting occurred after Qaradawi expressed a wish to kill Jews before he dies.
  • When a radical Muslim website threatened the producers of “South Park” in 2010, CAIR’s national spokesman dismissed the significance, wondering in the Los Angeles Times if “they were set up only to make Muslims look bad.”

CAIR works diligently to block free speech across America as well as free thought. Brandeis stated it’s reason for shunning Ayaan Hirsi Ali is due in part that her criticisms were inconsistent with Brandeis Universitiy’s core values. Well, do those core values include shutting down free speech? Did anyone at the University bother too research the history of CAIR, their relationship to Hamas and documented relationships with unindicted co-conspirators from the Holyland Foundation trial?

It was only recently too that CAIR forced capitulation of the University of Michigan and the Greater Oakland County Republican Club.

Read more here. My good friends at the Investigative Project continue to do yeoman’s work with proven facts and documents.

Too often, claims of “Islamophobia” are parroted without challenge by the news media. None of the reports this week pressed Hirsi Ali’s critics about the context of her statements or about the overall tenor of their attacks. None pointed out that internal documents discovered during an investigation into a Muslim Brotherhood support network place CAIR on the group’s “Palestine Committee.” The committee was tasked with helping Hamas politically and financially.

Until that situation changes, the Islamist winning streak of bullying others into silencing their foes is likely to continue.

Come America, unless we admit what CAIR is and what Islam and Sharia is doing to the entire culture and history of our country, then we are going to have a crisis all too soon that will begin to look like Great Britain and sadly, Syria.

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NYT says FBI at Fault due to Failed Russian Cooperation

When it comes to the Boston bombers investigation, the New York Times released a piece today stating that the FBI could not do more in depth investigation as the Russians would not cooperate with full details.

Frankly, as the case is spelled out by the NYT the text leads to more invasive tools rather than effectively bypassing political correctness for the sake of checks and balances between the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security.

All kinds of agencies were tapped for the investigation into the Tsarneav family yet, no one within any part of the real investigation did real analysis and tracked back to the family getting false asylum/refugee status much less police reports or school records or social welfare programs or used fusion center data.

No one bothered to check all variations of spelling in databases, no one checked travel documents no one checked expired visas. When anyone comes to the United States under duress conditions and seeks asylum or refugee status, they cannot travel back to the country from which they fled for obvious reasons, so how did the parents of the brothers or Tamerlin get to travel back in the first place?

The typical narrative of the Department of Homeland Security is to defer to ‘homegrown terrorists’. Such is the case in the NYT article with this quote, “At this point it looks like they were homegrown violent extremists,” the senior official said. “We certainly aren’t in a position to rule anything out, but at this point we haven’t found anything substantive that ties them to a terrorist group.”

Across agencies, there is technology that is available but who is really has the skill set to exploit the technology for the sake of keeping the homeland safe?

Check this quote, ‘The report was produced by the inspector general for the Office of Intelligence Community, which has responsibility for 17 separate agencies, and the inspectors general from the Department of Homeland Security, the Justice Department and the Central Intelligence Agency. It has not been made public, but members of Congress are scheduled to be briefed on it Thursday, and some of its findings are expected to be released before Tuesday, the first anniversary of the bombings.’



As for blaming the Russians, this is how the New York Times lays it out. ‘Russian officials had told the F.B.I. in 2011 that the suspect, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, “was a follower of radical Islam and a strong believer” and that Mr. Tsarnaev “had changed drastically since 2010 as he prepared to leave the United States for travel to the country’s region to join unspecified underground groups.” Okay, well if political correctness was set aside and the FBI did not have to be so sensitive to Islam/Muslims then, real hands on agents would have been more aggressive and assertive with clues and tracking. Well my guess most of the agent hang out at the Dar al Hijrah mosque anyway.

Well there are countless outside groups that have proof of the domestic threats posed to our homeland by those just like Tamerlan and his family, we just had one such Moroccan that was arrested last Monday.

Okay, read the NYT piece for yourself, clearly they are giving a pass to all agency personnel. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/10/us/russia-failed-to-share-details-on-boston-marathon-bombing-suspect.html

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Lerner’s Pleading the 5th is Trouble for Holder

Alright, today was a banner day with documents released from Congressman Issa, the Majority Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Today, the Committee voted to refer the Lois Lerner contempt resolution to the Department of Justice, meaning that yesterday, having Holder himself appear before the House Judiciary Committee was no accident in scheduling. Holder was asked several times about the work and or investigations regarding the IRS. Holder refused to answer any of those questions stating he would not respond due to pending investigation. That part is in fact accurate as the DoJ was ordered by the White House to investigate when the Treasury Inspector General published his report about the ‘targeting’ of conservative groups being back logged in processing.

It should also be noted that Eric Holder had real thin skin yesterday and today due to his appearance before the House Judiciary Committee. Seems he wanted to speak to his hurt feelings today at an organization founded by Al Sharpton, you know the guy who was just outed as an FBI informant and snitch, rat or as he says it a cat. This this out here.

The Congressman Issa also released his letter to the Minority leadership, Elijah Cummings on why his staff worked with Lois Lerner to specifically target ‘True the Vote’ and never revealed this during committee meetings and or hearings. There is proven collusion between Cummings staff and Lois Lerner, documented here.

It is also important to know that Elijah Cummings was on MSNBC last night and asked several questions, all of which he answered on national television, falsely. The transcripts and video can be seen here.


Lois Lerner


All of this came out today, as tomorrow, April 10, 2014, the full House votes to put Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress due to her refusal to offer any testimony on her knowledge and actions on targeting.

All the while, Lois Lerner longed to have a job at Barack Obama’s OFA, Organizing for America Political action group. Her email demonstrates this.

We do ask ourselves why Issa has not offered Lois Lerner immunity for testimony. Well, the reason is, Issa is on a sweep mission to scoop up all those in this IRS scandal and likely it will go to the White House and the DoJ. Lois Lerner did give testimony to the Treasury Inspector and someone at the DoJ last year. It is quite important to note that the first time Lerner appeared before the Committee, upon getting her plea of  the 5th Amendment protection, Issa only excused her, he did not terminate the session so each time she spoke to anyone is any subsequent meeting she was still under oath and within the reach of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Issa carefully sought legal counsel on all of this and even more, he carefully crafted each move and decision. In the end, Holder’s DoJ can refuse to go further with a Lerner prosecution due to contempt, but the Issa can move to sanction or even disbar Holder for refusing the case and prosecution, after-all, Holder himself is still in contempt of the Committee.

If you are so inclined to read the 22 page contempt resolution sent to Holder’s DoJ today, it can be read here.

While this whole IRS scandal is dynamic in nature, several organizations that were targeted are going to have some legal fun when they do get to sue the IRS, most of all True the Vote.

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My Memos Trump Your Laws

Okay, it was a long painful session to watch the House Judicial Committee get testimony on various questions and topics today from Eric Holder, the top lawyer in the land at the Department of Justice.

A couple of things were quite striking with regard to Holder’s responses. If you are so inclined to put yourself through such torture, then you can watch it here as long as C-Span keeps the video posted. However, if you choose not to watch, then I will provide some highlights for you most of which in Holder’s opening statement he said all cases that come through the DoJ are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Heh, well my first thought on that was how come more people are not in prison then, like Jon Corzine, Jamie Dimon or any of those found guilty of being co-conspirators of the Holyland Foundation Trial?


Eric Holder 1

Here are some key items of which I took note.

1. Holder said that defending all statues are the job of his agency and the White House unless the DoJ determines there is no Constitutional basis for the law. (Oh, so HE decides first eh?)

2. The Attorney General and the White House has discretion on law enforcement as they are measured against values. (Remember that item in his opening statement and just exactly whose values?)

3. When it comes to the Foreign Intelligence Services Act/NSA or the FISC, all rulings and cases are based on ‘reasonable’ suspicion requests. (Who determines reasonable with this DoJ?)

4. When asked the question on whether James Clapper lied in testimony on whether the ODNI/NSA spies on common American citizens, and he replied ‘not wittingly’ then later said it is the least wrong answer he could give, admitting his testimony was false, Holder was asked if he would prosecute anyone if they lied before Congress, his reply was yes but an investigation is required and he would have to look at the materials and take appropriate action. Well, Clapper admitted the lie on so now what Holder?

5. Now, how about those banks that Holder is giving a pass to for money laundering when it comes to pot sales in Colorado and Washington State? Well, Holder replied that due to the large amounts of money in jeopardy, the rules were changed by Holder my a signed memo.

6. The NSA spying is compliant with the Fourth Amendment but does need modifications.

7. Ah, when it comes to the White House delaying the employer mandate or any other changes to obamacare, Holder was in receipt of a letter dated last year as the legal basis for this and he has yet to respond. He added that the DoJ does not disclosure legal advise to the White House, (yeah sure dude) and it was the legal team at the Treasury Department that approved the White House on the delays and alterations of obamacare. Holder did also say again that the White House has a duty to follow the law depending on the law/statute so Treasury looked at it and approved the delay and dynamic decisions.

8. Holder was asked about who trumps who, Federal law versus State law. He responded with when he is suspicious of State law he will challenge the State law. Remember there is a law from 1953, separate but equal, and he will find a Constitutional basis to challenge State law. (That is right, he has done that so the Tenth Amendment be damned.)

9. Now to the IRS, he refused to comment on any question regarding the IRS. He was asked by Congressman Issa, what departments within the DoJ are investigating the IRS, he said ‘criminal, Treasury and Civil Rights’. Well how come not Public Integrity which would be the primary department to investigate the IRS, he refused to answer.

10. There were two other interesting exchanges and they included Congressman Louis Gohmert with regard to the Holyland Foundation Trial documents which Congress has issued a subpoena in 2010 and has yet to receive, but the document were in fact provided to the lawyers of the terrorists. (wow, just wow), the exchange went further when Gohmert also made reference to Fast and Furious and that being in contempt did not matter to Holder. Well, see that part here for yourself. (Don’t miss it). The other interesting exchange included Trey Gowdy. This one rocked because Gowdy once again challenged Holder on what laws are to be followed and enforced. Here it is that you again need to see for yourself. Gowdy said that Holder did not have discretion and Holder clearly thinks otherwise.

The best moment in my opinion was Congressman Blake Farenthold was to question Holder, he refused to do it and merely said that Holder does not belong in this hearing as he is in contempt of Congress….  gotta agree with that for sure.

In the end, Holder continued with his bravado, refused to answer questions and cited lack of resources to respond and perform in a timely fashion when his agency has 120,000 plus employees. His memos trump law….and yes it seems so, as that is the very way his agency and the rest have been operating….and so it goes.


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Muslim Brotherhood, an FTO

Mohammed Morsi was removed from office in Egypt by the Egyptian military due to his tyrannical and deadly regime which is the doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood, of which he is a charter member. Only recently, Saudi Arabia has in addition to Egypt declared the Muslim Brotherhood to be a foreign terror organization. In addition to the Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi also declared Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic State of Iraq and al Nusra as has Bahrain and the UAE. It must be noted that Turkey and Qatar have refused to follow suit.

A turn must be made now to see just what Britain is doing regarding the Muslim Brotherhood. The UK has seen over the many years a major spike of Islamic movement and the troubles are mounting especially in England. Fighters have been trained and sent from the UK to Iraq and Syria and then often return to Britain trained in Islamic jihad and it is playing out in the streets of London as we saw with the murder of Lee Rigby. Prime Minister Cameron, of Britain has officially ordered an investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood and it is long overdue. The question remains, how honest and revealing will be the results of this investigation and to what potential and additional radical fallout?

Okay, so we have a handful of countries that are finally taking a proactive posture to address Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood, but what about Barack Obama and the United States?  Well, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood is firmly planted in federal government and within our education institutions as well as the FBI and law enforcement.

Muslim Brotherhood America


Let’s go deeper. CAIR is trying hard to stop a documentary showing in various locations around America titled Honor Diaries. See www.honordiaries.com for more information. But, while al Jazeera, funded by the Muslim Brotherhood is now broadcasting in America, there are even a handful of members of Congress that are in full cadence with the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR. CAIR is working diligently to stop this documentary from airing anywhere in America and with some success.

But how stupid can people really be to ignore the results of the Holyland Foundation Trial, how they ignore Anwar al Walaki who was a supporter of al Qaeda that went through the ranks of several mosques in America most of all Dar al Hijrah in Virginia. Sadly we have a Virginia legislator, Alfonso Lopez, a democratic candidate for Congress that is angered by any vocal opposing views of Dar al Hijrah such that he is on the offensive. Read more here.

There is much behind the actions, the publications and the contents of the prayers at Dar al Hijrah and many other like mosques located in Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Dallas and on the West Coast.

But given the political correctness of the Obama administration and that of the State Department, which was in fact born from previous administrations but taken to new levels since 2008, it seems America will not assume the same objectives of Saudi, UAE, Bahrain or even Great Britain. Maybe a petition is in order posted on the White House website is in order to declare CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood to be a foreign terror organization.

Now, while there is a global reach of al Jazeera, it seems Hamas is getting bolder as they are launching too a satellite television station. Hamas is joining the ranks of social media tool users to convey messages serving the Palestinian causes.

Remember it is the Palestinians that are historically bent on removing all Jews from Israel to reclaim the land and they have been attacking Israel in various forms for many years. Currently, the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has been working both sides of Israel and the Palestinians to come to a peace agreement, where it was announced this week that after more than a year of talks, once again, all parties left the negotiating table last week.

Oh, one more thing, the Russian KGB established the PLO, the Palestinian Liberation Organization in 1964. More than 400 Palestinian representatives were hand chosen by the KGB. More background can be found here.

In summary, come on America, first learn all of the history and facts and then begin to expose and fight back. Sharia law cannot co-exist with our Constitution.

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Operation Fearless or Operation Feckless

Well who is B. Todd Jones anyway and why does he matter? Well he is now the Director of Alcohol. Tobacco and Firearms and he replaced Kenneth Melson after the ATF gun-walking scandal. Jones is a PC progressive lawyer and has not taken any measures to understand how rogue the ATF has become. There was Operation White Pistol, Operation Fast and Furious and then there was Operation Fearless which operated in several states.

Once again today, hearing rooms in Congress were busy today, one filled with B. Todd Jones and the House Oversight Committee drilling Jones on this operation.

This case included armed felons, mentally challenged people, stolen goods and school safe zone violations. At least the aggressive questions were bipartisan.




Read on and try to keep your jaw from dropping.

Congressional members slam ATF director in hearing on gun stings


Washington, D.C. — In his first appearance before Congress as ATF  director, B. Todd Jones faced blistering bipartisan questioning Wednesday about  mistakes and failures in undercover storefront operations in Milwaukee and  across the nation.

Republicans and Democrats alike ticked off myriad problems in the operations:  letting armed felons leave the storefronts, locating operations near schools and  other safe zones; an agent having his guns stolen; paying such high prices for  guns that firearms came straight from stores; and buying stolen goods, including  police officers’ guns.

Members of the Committee on House Oversight and Government Reform hammered  Jones the hardest on the agency’s  use of people with mental disabilities to promote the operations and then  arresting them, something that occurred in Milwaukee; Wichita, Kan.;  Portland, Ore.; Pensacola, Fla.; and Albuquerque, N.M.

Those problems were all revealed in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigation that began with an  examination of a troubled storefront sting in Milwaukee’s Riverwest  neighborhood. The ongoing reporting has prompted an internal ATF review, an  investigation  by the U.S. Justice Department’s inspector general and on Wednesday the  second of two congressional hearings.

Jones told the committee that the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms  and Explosives does not “target people with developmental disabilities,” adding  that agents didn’t know the people had mental disabilities.

Congressional members were skeptical.

“You don’t think that your agents, dealing with a man with an IQ in the 50s,  knew he was mentally disabled?” asked U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.).

U.S. Rep. Kerry Bentivolio (R-Mich.), a former teacher who taught children  with disabilities, said people with low IQs are easy to spot.

“Anyone with any life experience can ask simple questions,” he said. “I was  surrounded by these kids. They are some of the best, nicest people who try their  best and just want to please. I am appalled you would use these individuals like  this and arrest them later.”

Said Jones: “Hindsight is 20/20.”

At the hearing, Jones acknowledged it was a mistake for ATF agents to pay two  teens in Oregon — one with an intellectual disability — to get tattoos depicting  Squids smoking joints.

Jones said several times that the mental capacity of the low IQ individuals  did not surface until raised by defense attorneys in court, saying they were  part of the argument for lighter sentences. However, in several cases  evaluations were done and IQ tests administered, according to court records. And  federal prosecutors agreed that the individuals had diminished capacity.

The director also said his agency has not implemented training for agents on  how to identify such people, more than a year after a Journal Sentinel  investigation revealed a Milwaukee  man with an IQ of 54 was hired by ATF to promote the store and then was  charged. He was paid in cigarettes, merchandise and cash.

U.S. Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-New Mexico) said such training has been  used by other law enforcement agencies for a decade.

“I am flabbergasted they are not available to you, that you are not utilizing  them,” she said.

Director admits flaws

In nearly three hours of testimony, Jones admitted deep problems in  the stings, especially Milwaukee’s Operation Fearless, but added the storefront  technique, if done properly, has value.

He said new procedures — drafted in the wake of Operation Fearless — will  prevent such problems from recurring. The agency has refused to release any  documents related to any new policies or to describe all the reforms that were  put in place.

Jones added no such storefront operations are underway.

“We have hit the pause button on storefronts so we can get them right. Now,  if we can’t do them right, we won’t do them,” Jones said. “Unless there is an  intelligence purpose for it — other than to generate numbers — we aren’t doing  them.”

Echoing ATF news conferences to tout numbers when various storefront  operations closed, Jones then ticked off the number of guns seized and people  arrested in the half-dozen flawed operations.

Committee Chairman U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said such numbers fail  to distinguish if the guns were purchased by ATF agents shortly after they were  bought at stores, and they don’t detail the kinds of individuals arrested.

“This was about pumping up the number of weapons and the number of arrests,”  Issa said after the hearing.

Issa and other members of Congress has been demanding documents for more than  a year on the Milwaukee sting. Last month, Issa  issued a subpoena for those and from stings in other cities. The deadline  was Monday, but Issa said the documents have not been received.

In the hearing, Jones said he was not briefed on Operation Fearless — though  the agency has said the case was briefed at headquarters several times.

“It did not migrate up the food chain,” Jones said.

Stories prompted changes

The Milwaukee operation was included in the Monitored Case Program, one of  the reforms made following the ATF’s highly criticized “Operation Fast and  Furious,” where agents allowed thousands of guns to flow into Mexico, with some  ending up at murder scenes, including that of a slain U.S. border guard.

Jones said changes have been made to the Monitored Case Program as a result  of the Milwaukee operation.

Jones did not reveal whether anyone has been disciplined as a result of  Operation Fearless or any of the other flawed operations.

U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) questioned why Jones put  two key supervisors responsible for Operation Fearless — Bernard “B.J.” Zapor  and Fred Milanowski — in top positions in the Phoenix Field Division.

“Here we have the Phoenix office, probably the highest profile on the heels  of Fast and Furious, and yet this same person was in charge of an office that  executed Operation Fearless,” Chaffetz said. “Where is the accountability?”

Jones defended the decision.

“The movements were made for very good reasons based on their record of  performance. That is not to excuse the mistakes made in Operation Fearless,”  Jones said.

Jones was pressed on how much the storefront operations cost. He did not  provide numbers on Wednesday, frustrating several members asking him about  it.

“What we need to find out is how much was spent on these 37 storefronts,”  said U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) “We need better accountability.”

Speier also asked if the storefront operations generated crime and if agents  were overpaying for guns.

Jones said prices paid for guns were in line with the black market prices.  The Journal Sentinel investigation found agents knowingly bought guns that were  coming straight from stores, including one in Milwaukee where agents paid $2,000  for a rifle purchased from Gander Mountain for $700 the same day. Records show  agents immediately traced the gun as coming from the store.

Jones said generating crime is always a concern with such storefront  operations, adding agents count on local law enforcement to tell them if it is  happening. In Pensacola, the Journal Sentinel found, agents were openly buying  stolen goods, leading to increased burglaries in the area.

In Atlanta, agents bought guns that were stolen from Atlanta police  officers,and never told the local police department about other stolen  guns they had bought, resulting in local police searching for weapons that the  ATF already had, the Journal Sentinel found.

Under questioning by U.S. Rep. Doug Collins, (R-Ga.), Jones could not say if  the stolen police guns were ever returned.

“Did you look over this case before you came here today?” Collins asked. “Are  you aware that the Atlanta Police Department expended considerable resources,  interviewing witnesses in an attempt to recover the weapons because the ATF  agents did not report the guns as recovered? Why didn’t the ATF return the guns  to the Atlanta Police Department?”

Jones did not have an answer. He also didn’t know if his agency had a policy  to notify other law enforcement agencies if agents buy a stolen police gun.

“I may be stepping out of bounds to say for certain we do, but I would be  surprised if we did not have a policy,” Jones said.

As the hearing wrapped up, committee members wanted additional answers and  requested another hearing with Jones. No date was disclosed.

“We just can’t let this happen again,” said U.S. Rep. Blake Farenthold  (R-Texas) of the many problems.


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MY analysts are better than your lying eyes

Alright, I am an analyst, but damned happy I don’t work for Mike Morrell, who was the ‘acting’ director at the CIA at the time of the Benghazi murders. I have worked this event since the moment it happened and have published my reports in various locations on the web.  But today (April 2, 2014), Mike Morrell appeared before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence chaired by Mike Rogers.

Okay, so here goes what was said by Morrell in sworn testimony along with a few, snotty but hard comments by me. This covers Morrell’s opening statement and his responses to questions.

Mike Morrell



In Morrell’s opening statement, I came away with a few questions.

1. The White House used Morrell’s talking points, which were in fact wrong and he knew it, as he and a handful of others changed the talking points several times, so why did Morrell and others allow the lies?

2. Morrell and the rest took out all references to a terror attack and to any al Qaeda involvement, so they all obscured the threat and the risks to the CIA and all Americans stationed abroad, why?

3. Susan Rice, you know on those 5 Sunday talk shows said. ‘the best information at the time’, well yeah sure since all the truth was stripped out by Morrell, ‘his’ analysts and then those pesky types in the inter-agency.

4. Did ‘his’ analysts bother to include the information of the 200+ prior attacks in Libya, any interviews with the February 17th Brigade, Blue Mountain, any of the Brits that were there or any of the 30+ CIA’ers at the annex at the time? Nah, nor did Hillary’s assigned clan that authored the Accountability Review Board summary. Oh, one more thing, how about the live video stream that was fed back to DC? Was that included by ‘his’ analysts? Nah, again.

5. No one has been brought to justice for these murders, why? Well many answers, least o which JC Martin Dempsey said he was never given authorization. Well, was authorization given to anyone? Admiral McRaven at JSOC? General Ham? General Austin? General Odierno? Anyone?

6. How come no one on the panel of the ARB included ANY testimony of the Red Cross, the Brits much less those at the CIA annex that fateful night who filed OIG complaints?

7. Mike Morrell included in his opening statement that he submitted a 23 page document for the record and requesting it also be published on the web for public view. This is where it gets jiggy, as there is a classified version and an un-classified version, where he makes the distinction that the difference is only that all reference to al Qaeda has been stripped as it would reveal sources and methods….ah what? Just how exactly? Then what Susan Rice had and for public consumption was the un-classified version….sigh.

8. Also in Morrell’s opening statement he offered that he handled the analysis and the talking points with total objectivity and the matter of policy and politics was ‘never’ included in his assessment….yeah okay, sure dude. He also offered the notion that he worked to alter the talking points and he did not deliberately downplay the events, he admits mistakes and could have tendered better performance. Really?

9. There were three key points he wanted to ensure got on the record today. 1. His CIA analysts are the most talented in the agency and they concluded this event was due to protests with good reason, there was no outside input or any coordinated collaboration across the intelligence community. (sheesh) 2. His senior analysts wrote the first draft of the un-classified talking points and many changes were made by the CIA and other agencies but NOT the White House and the protests were consistent with the intelligence. (ah jeez, that is kinda opposed to #1 eh?) 3. Morrell also worked to get the analysis right and he did in fact have the CIA Chief of Station’s emails (2) but they did not matter to his final analysis. Let us remember here that the Chief of Station had an estimated 30+ assigned at the annex at the time. (head-desk).

10. Oh, Mike Morrell also mentioned that he did not know that the mission post relied on and looked to the CIA annex for additional security given the fact that all previous requests for additional security was rejected. Okay, so one must assume then that Morrell’s Station Chief did not have a good relation at all with CIA headquarters or for sure with anyone at the State Department either.

11. On 9-11, when AQ attacked three locations in the United States, Morrell was in fact with GW Bush in Sarasota at the moment the first attack occurred. Morrell was asked for his thoughts on who did this and Morrell immediately told President Bush it was bin Ladin. So, Morrell clearly understands the threats and gets reports on the threat chatters, but he could not bring himself to pony up the real deal on the matter in Benghazi. (shaking my head again).

12. Oh, ‘his’ analysts also use press reports for their assessments, which Morrell admitted today. Really the press? Whose in the press? No slight meant to on the ground journalists who often do stellar work, but by the time many of their items are filed and published, heh the core of the story is edited for political correctness…. (moving on).

13. The Chief of Station, Benghazi sent two emails (one on the 15th and his last one on the 16th) with facts and judgments to Morrell but ‘his’ analysts thousands of miles away trumped and Morrell admitted too that he was the one who sorted out the press reports, clues and intelligence. (raised eyebrow now).

14. Morrell said he did NOT take out the reference to al Qaeda from the talking points, his summary went to the NSC and the WH on Friday the 14th. But in the next sentence he said he took out the warning language put in by one of his analysts in deference to the State Department. (remember Morrell works at Beacon Global Strategies, a Hillary protected think tank).

15. Morrell today was presented with an email where the beginnings and the middle of the talking points began and percolated. In his own handwriting, there were many notes but he also wrote in some key names of those that needed to be included in the talking points creation and editing. (Director of OTA, Robert Cardillo, Alan Pino, Matt Olsen, Jake Sullivan, Mark Giliano, Lisa Monaco and Ben Rhodes, NSC and DI). All of these people got the emails on the talking points for approval and editing. Morrell tells us too that he never spoke to the White House or to Susan Rice on the talking points.

16. The Chief of Station’s email never went to anyone in the list above, the emails remained exclusively within the CIA that included the analysts and David Petraeus. The email did have in the text extremists (PC terminology) and there were up to three reasons for the attack in order: a) in response to the 9/11 anniversary b) calling for revenge of Ayman al Zawahiri and al Libi c) a YouTube video. So Morrell then concluded on his own, this was an attack but the matter of the reason for the attack being due to the protests/demonstrations. Morrell also tells us that part of his analysis was due in part to 12 reports of protests, press reports, the NSA, CIA and DoD. Yet, his analysts did not have ‘all’ reports for their summary as he told the committee. (But his analysts are the best in the agency?)

17. When asked the question, if you were seeking the best information on conditions or events in country, who would you go to for that? Morrell responded that he would go to his analysts and not the Chief of Station. He has one top analyst, a woman that is his ‘go-to’ person, she is his best source. (Guess his Chiefs of Station must be nothing more than WalMart greeters to Morrell)

18. Morrell also said in testimony that the CIA Public Affairs Office and the liaison to Congressional Affairs took out the AQ reference in the talking points and got a copy of the analysts reports using AQ AND the reference to attack. (ah, dude which is it now?) Sometime later the word attack was changed to demonstration. And Mike Morrell also said his analysts make judgments. (Facts be damned)

19. When asked about his threat assessment today, Morrell said that the terror threat is still robust including al Qaeda. We defeated al Qaeda leadership but the AQ ideology is still spreading. The threat of AQ is very significant and will grow. (Clapper concurs on this but Barack Obama says otherwise, feel secure yet or how about those Americans working in foreign lands?)

20. Morrell was also asked about how the CIA types that work in foreign lands feel, he responded that those working across the globe don’t feel abandoned. (Ah, just who did he ask, any of the 30 working in Libya by chance?)

21. Mike Morrell did offer this tidbit, ‘the CIA should not be in the business of creating un-classified talking points or talking to the public, this was part of the written lessons learned post the Benghazi attack’. It should also be noted that there were 2-a-day deputy meetings for several days after Benghazi. Those meetings included members from the State Department, NCTC, DoD, NSC, CIA, FBI and DoJ. These meetings mostly included what measures so be taken in the future to keep another Benghazi from happening again. (Oh, you mean, that now all the diplomatic rules and laws established after the Tehran hostage situation should now be followed?)

Well, I that is about all I could take, there are still more to learn, but really, not any different than what is written above.

In summary however, I must add this one stipulation. Congressman Ruppersburger ( Just call me Dutch) wants to move past Benghazi, but he does need to be reminded of this:

All the people assigned to Benghazi between both locations were left to perish as no one knew when the attacks would officially stop. Between the two locations, there were almost 40 people assigned in Benghazi and we cannot forget the real time communications going on including ‘critics’, critical situation reports and the real time video feeds. Oh, one last thing, we continue to hear that 4 Americans died in Benghazi, but, ah, actually there are 29 people dead of unknown work status, meaning were they too working as contractors or paid informants….

Sorry there was another Ft. Hood shooting that was going on as I was writing this but here is another update….those CIA’ers in Benghazi listened to Mike Morrell’s testimony today. To say the least they are not pleased, saying either he still does not know what happened that night or he is covering for somebody. Heck, I think it both, and more than one somebody. Ah well, read for yourself on what those on the ground had to say.


Over for now, may be another update soon.







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Dempsey there but not John Kerry (Israel)

Well, people, the matter of Israel at the core of two epic issues remains, the matter of a peace agreement with the Palestinians and the matter of negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program. So, while Barack Obama has capitulated with Iran with wide spread news and failures, Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is in Israel gaining an assessment on Israel’s war plans with Iran.

ABOARD A GOVERNMENT AIRCRAFT — Israel and the United States are now in broad agreement about the threat that Iran poses to the region and how to deal with it, the top US military official said Tuesday.

“I think they are satisfied that we have the capability to use a military option if the Iranians choose to stray off the diplomatic path,” Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said of Israeli officials. “I think they are satisfied we have the capability. I think they believe we will use it.”

Acknowledging there were differences in the past, Dempsey said Israel and the United States are closer now in their assessment of the threat Iran poses and America’s willingness to act.

Dempsey made the remarks after wrapping up a two-day visit to Israel, where he met with military and government officials.

The international community has reached an agreement with Iran to lessen sanctions against the country in return for curbing its nuclear program.

In the past, Israeli officials have expressed wariness about the international accord with Iran and also disagreed with the United States at times over the pace at which Iran could field a nuclear weapon. Israel had raised the prospect of a unilateral attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

“Our clocks are more harmonized than they were two years ago,” Dempsey said.

“They just wanted to know that we are maintaining and continuing to refine our military options,” he said.

Jim Michaels writes for USA Today.

John Kerry


Then the matter of John Kerry and his broken talks with Abbas, Kerry bailed out.

JERUSALEM, Jan. 13 (UPI) — U.S. Secretary of  State John  Kerry called off his Monday visit to Israel at the last minute, Israeli  broadcaster Arutz  Sheva reported.

The cancellation is apparently in reaction to poor results in Kerry’s attempt  to broker an agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the  broadcaster said.

The next stages of the diplomatic negotiations were expected to be finalized  at Monday’s meeting.

Currently, Israel hasn’t responded to Kerry’s suggested security arrangements  in the Jordan Valley that would replace the presence of Israeli troops.

The Palestinian Authority objects to Israel’s demand that Israel be  recognized as the state of the Jewish people. It also refuses to give up on the  so-called “right of return” for displaced Arabs and their descendants to  Israel.

Read more:  http://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2014/01/13/John-Kerry-cancels-trip-to-Israel-at-last-minute/UPI-30071389620313/#ixzz2xlV9mQUF

Oh yeah, one more thing, the issue of releasing Jonathan Pollard just to keep the talks moving forward, well that is for the most part off too. Pollard does not want to be released just to save John Kerry and the White House….I don’t blame him.


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