House Suing Obama? YES, Really

Earlier this year, Speaker of the House, John Boehner called the White House, got Barack Obama on the phone and told him he was suing him. Obama’s reply was, ‘You’re suing me?’.

Now the explanation of how this lawsuit is coming to pass.

More than once, the Solicitor General in the Obama administration has represented cases before the Supreme Court. The most contested case(s) have been those relating to the Affordable Care Act and this is the case that John Boehner is using to sue Barack Obama.

Terrorists Among US

FEATURED: Youssef Qaradawi Says ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Was Once Muslim Brotherhood; First English Translation Of Statement

Anyone heard the Muslim community in the Unites States speak out yet against Daesh (Islamic States)? Me neither. But Barack Obama and crowd says Islamic State is not Islamic…..sheesh


For a complete Muslim Brotherhood organizational chart operating in the United States click here.

For the completed translation of the Muslim Brotherhood plan for the United States click here.

Amnesty, How Many Lawyers Does it Take?

Nothing happens in Washington DC without several conversations with lawyers. That is actually easy as there are lawyers all over DC and just about every powerbroker in the Obama administration is a lawyer. But these lawyers twist the law, find means to blur the spirit of the law, seek methods not to enforce the law and most of all use nefarious reasons on discretion of the law when it comes to enforcement.

CommonCore = CommonCrap

Much has been written about the CommonCore educational system being pushed on state education systems nationally. While more than 60% of states push back after really learning what the syllabus is about, it has been proven what the system is about but few are listening.

CommonCore was created by leaders of global corporations to indoctrinate students into a very narrow channel of choices when it came to what they could study for the sake only of the future of business enterprise.

Gruber-gate, the Gift that Keeps Giving

Jonathon Gruber should not be the villain. He is an expert on how to finesse government and he made money doing it. The villains are ONLY the Democrat lawmakers and powerbrokers as it is exclusively the Democrats that forced the deal-making and cunning objective to pass the law known as the Affordable Care Act.

Several government agencies paid Gruber for his consulting, including the Department of Justice paying $1.7 million for his expert witness testimony. Then a handful of states paid Gruber for his services.