COVID-19 Blame and Shame on Duke NUS Medical School

This is a very long read but since we are all sheltering in place, take the time to read it in full as it is jammed with fascinating facts. We have learned minute by minute due to media reporting all kinds of things about coronavirus but some REAL key facts have been omitted. Gotta ask why. We should start with Duke NUS Medical School/Singapore and domino from there. Doctors, scientists, lab techs, researchers and hunters all know very well the genesis of all potential 5000 strains of coronavirus and they collaborate and read published reports and discuss in seminars and educational events.

FCC Investigates Adam Schiff for Subpoena Abuse

Okay cool, but what could be the consequence in the end is the real question.

During the House impeachment proceedings, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) released a report which included the phone records that included calls made or received by Rep. Devin Nunes(R-CA), journalist John Solomon, Rudy Giuliani, and others. The records in the report didn’t contain the content of the conversations but included who called who and how long the call lasted.

Devin Nunes Responds To Adam Schiff “Subpoenaing” Private ... source

Judge Rules Hillary Must be Deposed

A Washington federal trial judge said Clinton and a former longtime aide must be deposed in a public-records suit about Clinton’s use of a private email server. The impending depositions are “inappropriate, unnecessary, and a clear abuse of discretion,” lawyers at Williams & Connolly and Wilkinson Walsh contend.

Petitioners: Hillary Rodham Clinton; Cheryl Mills. Respondents:Judicial Watch, Inc.; United States Department of State.

First Covid-19 Vaccine code-named mRNA-1273 Shot Given

At a news conference, President Donald Trump praised how quickly the research had progressed. Fauci noted that 65 days have passed since Chinese scientists shared the virus’ genetic sequence. He said he believed that was a record for developing a vaccine to test.

Seattle: This vaccine candidate, code-named mRNA-1273, was developed by the NIH and Massachusetts-based biotechnology company Moderna Inc. There’s no chance participants could get infected because the shots do not contain the coronavirus itself.