North Korea Stole $2 billion for its WMD programs

Primer: North Korea has launched 4 rounds of missiles in less than 2 weeks. Talks between the United States and North Korea have stalled. The missiles tested during the recent launches are short range, however can reach South Korea and can travel as far as an estimated 400 miles. These test missiles allegedly are very advanced such they are being advertised as having the abilities to evade missile defense systems. Additionally, each launch took place from a different ground location.

Fancy Bear, APT28, IoT, Hacking via Printers

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Primer: U.S Ambassador to Russia, Jon Huntsman just issued his letter of resignation to President Trump. He states that he wants to return home to Utah due to a growing family. Gotta wonder if Amb. Huntsman ever really challenged Moscow on hacking and security intrusions of the United States.

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MIT: A group of hackers linked to Russian spy agencies are using “internet of things” devices like internet-connected phones and printers to break into corporate networks, Microsoft announced on Monday.