MisInformationCom and Election Security

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So, Dana Perino of Fox News/Daily Briefing had Mary Anne Marsh on the show today to discuss voting security. Mary Ann went on and on about how the Trump administration is not doing enough to ensure foreign interference/election meddling is prevented in the 2018 mid-terms and all the way to the general election in 2020.
Clearly Mary Ann has not been a part of the countless sessions that DHS has hosted for the benefit of each state to protect and harden their respective systems. Frankly, I have participated in 2 conference calls and have watched congressional hearings as well as read documents provided as to the activities on behalf of DHS and the FBI.
Then while few people know, the Justice Department produced a lengthy document by the titled ‘The Cyber Digital Task Force that speaks to all foreign intrusion operations including the matter of the election infrastructure. Pass this on to Mary Ann please. Just one of hundreds of paragraphs is below:
Covert influence operations, including disinformation operations, to influence
public opinion and sow division.
Using false U.S. personas, adversaries could covertly create and operate social media pages and other forums designed to attract U.S. audiences and spread disinformation or divisive messages. This could happen in isolation or in combination with other operations, and could be intended to foster specific narratives that advance foreign political objectives, or could be intended simply to turn citizens against each other. These messages need not relate directly to political campaigns. They could seek to depress voter turnout among particular groups, encourage third-party voting, or convince the public of widespread voter fraud to undermine confidence in election results. These messages could target discrete U.S. populations based on their political
and demographic characteristics. They may mobilize Americans to sign online petitions
and join issue-related rallies and protests, or even to incite violence. For example, advertisements from at least 2015 to 2017 linked to a Russian organization called the Internet Research Agency focused on divisive issues, including illegal immigration and gun rights, among others, and targeted those messages to groups most likely to react.
Meanwhile, there is an external organization made up of subject matter experts collecting evidence and stories of which the Deputy Assistant Attorney General Adam S. Hickey for the National Security Division Delivered Remarks at Misinfo Con.
Thank you for the invitation to speak today, and for the important work you are doing: in organizing this conference devoted to the challenges of misinformation, and, by attending, bringing your experience and expertise to bear on the problem.

It’s a privilege to help kick off this first day of MisinfoCon, focused on state-sponsored misinformation. To do that, I am going to give you an overview of how the Department of Justice views the problem, where it fits in the context of related national security threats, and how we are addressing it.

As Facebook Continues to Stray From a Social Media Platform

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What the heck Facebook? Perhaps it is just time to terminate relationships with Facebook. Zuckerberg thought in his early conception and launch of Facebook it was a global means to connect people together, you know expand friendships so we can all like each other worldwide.

Ahem, that is hardly where he and Sheryl Sandberg have has take the company in recent years.


Let’s begin here:

Racketeering and the Bloody Streets of Chicago

The news reports, the headlines and numbers are head-shaking. It has to be difficult to listen to the police radios calling due to emergencies all over the city. The reporters are tasked with getting names, ages, locations and getting interviews and responses from law enforcement.

Merely reading the article from the Chicago Tribune from a very bloody weekend in Chicago was hard to finish. Getting crime statistics from the Windy City is one thing, believing them is another.