El Chapo Charged on his Drug Empire, but what About Murder?

Remember when Sean Penn decided he could befriend El Chapo Guzman and successfully plotted to interview him? Was Sean Penn ever debriefed by DEA or other law enforcement officials for more intelligence gathering on El Chapo? In fact this case is so dangerous that the jurors are to be sequestered and protected by U.S. marshals.

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7 States Suing Over DACA, Know the Details

There are countless lawsuits already and here comes another. Several DACA cases have been ruled against by liberal judges. Now Texas has joined other states.


TX v USA Re DACA Complaint 050118 by Kaitlyn on Scribd

Perhaps those judges have not read all the real details of DACA.

Renewal deadline approaching for DACA applicants photo

DACA is a request for consideration, it is NOT an automatic approval and it is temporary. See the stipulations here.

FBI: C’mon Director Wray Explain This

  1. Findings of Misconduct by an FBI Special Agent for Contacting Witnesses for an Improper
    Purpose, Divulging Law Enforcement Sensitive Information to Unauthorized Individuals,
    Providing Misleading Testimony, Providing False Information to the OIG, Mishandling
    Classified Information, and Misusing Government Devices and his Position, all sounds like a common condition within the FBI, right?