3 Corporations Take on Obamacare, Pelosi Mute

Maybe between Amazon, a tech company, JP Morgan, an investment company and Berkshire Hathaway, a financial think tank and provider could solve the corruption within government healthcare first…Just last year:

The Justice Department charged more than 400 people across the country in a major crackdown on health care fraud, officials said Thursday. The accused individuals cost the federal government $1.3 billion in false Medicare and Medicaid billings, according to authorities

The 2nd Dossier, Courtesy of Sid Blumenthal/Cody Shearer

Finally….after almost a year….I knew there was a second dossier and yup….it is confirmed. It was the same trio from the whole Libya and Benghazi scandal without Tyler Drumheller, due in part because he is dead. But Sid and Cody continued the Hillary mission with great success it seems.

Yesterday, this site published the letters that Senator Grassley, including one he wrote to then DNC chairperson, Donna Brazile asking for communications of several people including Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer……now it bubbles to the surface.

CIA Warning on Russia and China

2018-01-29 Treasury Caatsa 241 Final by CNBC.com on Scribd

  The Democrats on The Hill have been complaining for months about the Trump administration easy approach and policy regarding Russia. There may be some truth to that conclusion, however there are some very aggressive actions underway at Treasury and CIA that tell another story of sorts. While there are some additional sanctions that have been applied, there are some key people listed as being close to Putin and the Kremlin that have been identified as people of concern.

Another Method on How China Spies

There has been so much domestic chatter about the FISA court granting warrants on U.S. citizens or intercepting communications between foreign nationals/diplomats and Americans, but in related reading –> US and Britain refine their ability to tap into airline passenger’s mobile phones while they are in the air.

Meanwhile…. Image result for chinese computer network african union photo

China built and paid for the African Union’s computer network  but inserted a backdoor allowing it access to the continental organisation’s confidential information